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Report Writing test multiple choice questions 

Question 1
What is a report?

A.     A document giving details of the authors personal opinions on a specific subject.
B.     An informal opinion piece written for online journals.
C.     A report is a structured and organised document that present information about a particular topic and which has been written for a specific audience.
D.     Writing about your every day experiences in a personal diary.


Question 2
In a report a ‘Title page’ is there to;

A.     Highlight the name of the author of the report.
B.     Give the title of the report.
C.     Act as a cover page for the report.
D.     Give the contents of the report.


Question 3
The ‘Acknowledgements’ section in a report is where you;

A.     List the contents of the report.
B.     Give details of the people that have helped you to write the report.
C.     Outline the findings of the report.
D.     Name the references that you used to write the report.


Question 4
The purpose of the ‘Summary’ in a report is to;

A.     Give a brief description of the report.
B.     Summarize only the conclusions of the report.
C.     Summarize only the recommendations of the report.
D.     Summarize only the findings of the report.


Question 5
What is the ‘References’ section in a report used for?

A.     Give details of the people who recommend the report.
B.     Lists the diagrams used in the report.
C.     To list the written sources used in writing the report.
D.     To explain the statistical methods used in putting the report together.


Question 6
What writing style is generally used in reports?

A.     Formal
B.     Emotive
C.     Casual
D.     Persuasive


Question 7
In a report the purpose of the ‘Methodology’ section is to;

A.     Give details of the word processing software used to create the report.
B.     List the different sections in the report.
C.     Explain the writing style used to create the report.
D.     Explain how you carried out your enquiries to write the report.


Question 8
What is a PIE chart in a report?

A.     A list of percentages is a column format.
B.     It’s a circular graph cut into different sized slices which show the proportional contribution that different categories contribute to an overall total.
C.     A square image that presents categorical data with rectangular bars.
D.     A chart that uses dots to show the relationship between two sets of data.


Question 9
Which of the below is an example of ‘Informative’ writing;

A.     How to open a bank account.
B.     Describing the weather today.
C.     Romantic novel
D.     Fictional novel


Question 10
What is a Technical report?

A.     A personal account of what you have had to go through to write a report.
B.     A report used to communicate key financial information to both internal and external stakeholders.
C.     A document that evaluates the positive and negative aspects of a specific training program.
D.     A document that describes the progress, process, or results of scientific or technical research.


Question 11
What is persuasive writing? 

A.     Writing that intends to convince the reader to believe in an idea or opinion or carry out a specific action.
B.     A form of literary writing.
C.     Writing used to describe a person in such a way that a picture is formed in the reader’s mind.
D.     Writing intended to entertain and engage the reader in an imaginative experience.


Question 12
Where do you find the Appendix in a formal report?

A.     At the front
B.     In the middle
C.     At the back of the report
D.     You don’t, it’s not listed in a report


Question 13
Usually at the end of a report you will find the;

A.     Authors details
B.     Conclusion
C.     Executive summary
D.     Table of contents


Question 14
What is a Table of contents in a report?

A.     It is where all the diagrams and pie charts are shown.
B.     It gives details of all the people who helped to write the report.
C.     It lists all the references and accreditations.
D.     It shows the reader where the various sections of the report are located.



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