In you are employed in a environment where there is a real danger that something may accidentally fall on your foot. Then as any health and safety consultancy firm will advise, you should wear safety boots for your own protection. You should make sure that your protective footwear has a steel toe cap, as your foot is a very exposed part of your body.
As you can imagine some careers can be more dangerous than others, for instance if you are employed on a construction site. In these hazardous circumstances you are more likely to be involved in an accident, and it would be wise to wear high visibility protective clothing as well as suitable steel toe shoes. Alternatively if you work in a kitchen in a catering department then you would need to have non slip shoes.

When considering what protective footwear to purchase consider points like, are they waterproof, do the boots have oil resistant soles, what sizes do they come in, make sure you order the right size. Ensure they are resistant to chemicals and solvents as well as being able to withstand high temperatures. Does the show have a steel placed mid sole in it. If your workplace has a lot of electricity near it then consider safety shoes that are anti static. Are they injection moulded and plastic or are they made of leather. Also consider the colour of the shoes, as if you work on a building site there is no point in buying a pair of white or light coloured safety boots. Check if they have shoelaces or straps, or neither and you just slip them on for easy convenience wearing.

Ideally for maximum protection you should wear these along with other safety protection like high visibility vests which ensure that you are easily seen. On industrial or construction sites you should also wear safety helmets to protect your head as well as other industrial workwear.


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