If you are working in an environment where there may be a danger to your eyes then it is essential that you wear safety glasses for your own eye protection. If you are employed in the UK then these should be provided by your employer who have a duty of care towards their staff as per the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. However if you are self employed then you should buy your own pair of safety goggles.

These protective glasses differ from ordinary eyewear in that the glass in them is usually extra thick and made form shatter proof material giving added protection to your eyes. The obvious advantage of this is that they give you eye safety and protect you from serious injury and harm from flying objects, like small pieces of metal. The glass shield is usually quiet big, allowing a person to have a wide range of vision. These are especially useful when working on construction sites, as part of a general health and safety equipment policy.

These day’s eye protection glasses can come in many stylish wraparound designs. Some can have soft cushions around the sides to ensure the ears are not irritated. If every you need advice on these matters then seek the help of a professional health and safety consultancy. If you have to industrial safety glasses for many hours in a day, for a whole week then you want them to be as comfortable as possible. This is where little things like a soft nose hood comes in handy!

When looking to purchase a pair it is always common sense to first try them on to make sure that they are the right size. Although some safety spectacles have adjustable length frames and are flexible so they can be made to fit any face size. Many contemporary lens are now scratch resistant and are designed not to mist up by having a anti-misting coating.

Certain face shields also do a similar job as safety glasses by giving you eye protection, as well as protecting the whole of your face.


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