Safety signs are a very important tool in helping to protect staff and also reduce workplace accidents in all industries. Health safety signs work by bringing to the attention of workers and visitors any dangers in a particular work environment. These hazards could be related to the height of a doorway, the correct use of certain machinery or even boiling water from a tap. Many of these hazard signs are a legal requirement in a workplace, as any professional health and safety consultancy will advise you.

These signs can be made on different materials, like simple paper, plastic sheets or micro-prismatic material. All of them will be highly visible.

On this page we will attempt to show you the different types of safety signs symbols and also what they mean and stand for.

Road works ahead
These high visibility danger signs are also known as Men at Work signs and are usually placed ahead of any road construction that it taking place, they are usually placed on pavements or in the middle of a road redirecting any traffic away from any building work. They may occasionally be accompanied by barricades or cones. They are big stands that can be up to 3 foot high and are stand alone signs that come as a tripod and are sometimes held down by weights to ensure are not blown down by the wind etc.
These road safety signs can be made of flexible rolled up material or of metal. They are reflective to ensure they can be seen at night as well as daytime. They can also come in various different colour matches.

No smoking signs
These are one of the most common safety symbols you are likely to see in a office or entertainment venue. They become much more common after the law changed in England in July 2007, making it a unlawful for smokers to smoke inside public places and public vehicles. They typically have a illustration of a lighted cigarette with a red circle around it and a line going through it, emphasizing a smoke free zone. They are self adhesive on them and come in various sizes, making them ideal to stick up virtually anywhere in an office. Ensuring you meet the minimum legal requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.


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