You may have all the relevant work experience, skill sets and qualifications, but you have a big problem if your CV cannot convey these points quickly and clearly to a hiring manager.

Remember if the look and feel of your resume is not impressive then it may be skipped over, no matter how good your portfolio is. It’s therefore important to take some time out to think about the actual impression you want your CV design and layout to make on any prospective employer.

In job hunting that first impression is vital to winning the all important interview. Remember that getting invited to a interview is the actual aim of you CV. One of the  principal ways of increasing your chances of this happening is to grab the employers attention quickly. So what’s the best way to grab a recruiters attention? Stand out and be noticed, do this by having a simple CV layout that translates your abilities in a unique way.


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Each of the curriculum vitae samples below give have a lot of space between lines and paragraphs. This can help to create a uncluttered impression and allows for more confidence and passion to be displayed. Try not to copy them word for word, the reason being that in the worst case scenario you could send in a CV to a employer that is exactly the same as another candidates, who has also done what you have done. Instead use your imagination and inspiration to include phrases and keywords that are just for you. Our curriculum vitae examples are simple in design and are excellent examples of how to showcase your to abilities in a uncluttered format.


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Simple CV template 1

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Simple CV template 3

The advantages of having a clean and simplified CV layout:

  • It makes it much easier and quicker for the recruiter to find the information they are looking for.
  • It can make your application stand out from most other CVs which are muddled and disorganised.
  • Having clearly marked out sections can also help you to look at your own strengths more closely and focus your mind on discovering your most relevant points.
  • A simple CV coupled with a personal touch can make your job application appear more professional and competent. It will allow you to make better use of the available page space and stop you from ‘overfilling’ your CV with unrelated information.
  • If you simplify your CV it will be easier to read (interesting and not boring), with one area effortlessly flowing onto another related one.

What should a simple CV template include and exclude:

  • Each section must serve a function and communicate only relevant facts to the reader.
  • The text must be aligned and organized in a similar fashion throughout your CV. Every sentence and paragraph should line up correctly and be organised in a way that creates a impression of quality as well as professionalism and not sloppiness.
  • Leave out any unnecessary data and irrelevant information i.e. your hobbies or what you do in your spare time.
  • Make your CV perfect by not writing about every minute task you ever carried out, instead place emphasis only on those work duties that are related to the job you are applying for.
  • Avoid inappropriate and unnecessary headings and instead concentrate on subtitles and keywords that highlight relevant skills.


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