Sinks in a busy kitchen should be cleaned daily and kept free flowing by pouring an anti-clogging solution down the drain at least once a week.

Drains from a sink
The drain from a sink should be properly connected to the foul drainage system, ensuring that waste water is taken directly out of the kitchen area. Regular maintenance of the drainage system can help to prevent excessive amount of fat, oil or grease from building up and clogging the system.

General tips about sinks

  • When washing up in a sink the water must be changed regularly and all items rinsed in clean, hot, water.
  • Waste water should be piped directly to the sink.
  • Hot water tap temperature should ideally be between be 50 – 60 degrees C.
  • Liquid soap and paper towel dispensers should be provided at each sink basin.
  • There must be a plug available for use with the sink.

Grease traps
These are designed to facilitate the hygienic removal of grease, and should be considered.

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