If a person is looking for advice and a professional to handle their legal matters then they will turn to a solicitor. The same rule also applies to major companies and also public bodies, which is why you have many employed solicitors in local government.

On this page we will examine the public sector jobs that are available in legal departments in the public service.

As you can imagine in all local authorities there are daily instances where members of the public or public sector staff will require legal advice on many complicated topics.

About Solicitors in Local Government
It is estimated that there are currently about 3200 solicitors employed in local government throughout the UK.

Those legal practitioners who are employed in public bodies are represented by a professional body called Solicitors in Local Government or SLG. This aim of this organisation is to look after and promote the interest of its members. Its members include trainee solicitors, barristers and those who work in all areas of the legal profession. Its members come from all areas of the public service like Councils, Police Authorities etc.

The SLG is governed by a National Executive Committee that meets regularly during the year. It has its own main office as well as branches across the UK, they have administrative jobs vacancies available from time to time.

Job description
Your duties will include meeting people both defendants and other interested parties in your office, and occasionally having to travel to different venues meet them. One of your tasks will be to prepare legal documents and court papers for any trials, or even occasionally public enquiries. You could be involved in various different fields like a councils housing department, or giving advice to social workers on civil matters.

Most of the work will revolve around giving advice on legal matters to your department, like ensuring they act within the law by following correct procedures. You may occasionally have to make court appearances to represent your local government department. As with most local authority jobs there is much room for future promotion, this is illustrated by the fact that many senior executives in local authorities were originally employed as local government solicitors.


For further information contact:

Solicitors in Local Government
Website: www.slgov.org.uk

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