This course is not only suitable for undergraduate and graduate students, but also for established sports industry professionals who want to update and expand their current knowledge of the sector. It will teach students the principles and frameworks related to management from a sports perspective and will show them how to apply such theory to real life situations.

Sporting activities are unique in that the sense of achievement attained is both intensely personal and group oriented. This course combines the world of sports with the necessary business components, and will endow students with a thorough understanding of the dynamic issues and practices present in sport management. It will develop sector-specific knowledge and appropriate skills in a sports management context.

As it is a course where you will often work directly with athletes, students will have to participate at all levels; emotional, physical, and intellectual. There is a strong emphasis in the course on management issues, marketing, policy development and the challenges of delivering sports services within today’s fast-moving environment.

Courses are designed to reflect the employment opportunities available in the areas of sports and leisure management. Students will graduate with an academic degree, a range of specific vocational experiences and the key personal skills required to excel in the world of work. They will also gain business and technical awareness of the developments and current trends in the sports and exercise industry, which in turn will help them to gain employment in appropriate and related positions after graduation.

Sports management degree course overview

Placements are common and varied to reflect the diverse interests of students. They will give you the opportunity to gain real industrial experience and relevant sporting skills that employers are seeking from today’s graduates. There will also be opportunities for practical experience from field visits and volunteer roles within the sports industry that gives you a platform to apply your sport management theory.

Teaching is done through a mixture of seminars, lectures, discussions, group activities, guest speakers, projects, coursework, tutorials and self-managed study. Workshops tend to be interactive and may involve hypothetical problem questions, case studies and the analysis of more theoretical issues. Assessment can be a mixture of essays, reports, case studies, business plans and presentations.

Typical course modules and areas of study on a Sports Management Degree 

  • Financial Reporting
  • Sports Context
  • Sport Marketing and Sponsorship
  • People and Performance
  • Events management in Sport
  • Sport Development
  • Sports Tourism
  • Olympic Studies
  • Sports Development and Policy
  • Strategic Management in Sport
  • International Sport Law
  • Public Relations
  • Sports Production
  • Sport governance and leadership
  • Project Management
  • Venue Operations Management
  • Sport Finance

Students will learn about

  • Facility management
  • Media and communications
  • Sports coaching
  • Exercise
  • Self appraisal
  • Time management
  • Teamwork
  • Stadium management
  • The production of sports memorabilia
  • Single player management
  • Sports information
  • Financial obligations
  • Sports agents

Students will learn how to

  • Critically evaluate and interpret information and apply your knowledge to solve problems.
  • Analyse complex problems.
  • Construct arguments.
  • Form reasoned conclusions.
  • The business principles needed to create a successful sports events.
  • Coordinate activities, including training.
  • Recruit and train staff.


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