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Teacher multiple choice questions 

Question 1
Why is effective classroom management important?

A.     It can help to reduce costs and thereby benefit the schools overall budget.
B.     It helps to create a bond between pupils and the teacher.
C.     It helps teachers to keep students organized, orderly, focused, attentive and ultimately academically productive.
D.     It tells the teacher when to start and end a lesson.


Question 2
What are lesson plans?

A.     A method of knowing when to start and finish a class.
B.     They are a teacher’s detailed description of the course of instruction and teaching for a lesson.
C.     It is a system that helps teachers to plan their academic year.
D.     A way of organising and supporting a range of extra-curricular activities.


Question 3
What does SEN stand for?

A.     Special Educational Needs
B.     Senior Educational Nurse
C.     Scientific Educational Needs
D.     Second Educational Nurse


Question 4
Which of the following is the best way to prepare pupils for examinations?

A.     Give them a course of intense revision 3 days before the exam.
B.     Make them drink lots of coffee on the morning of the exam.
C.     Give them enough time to study, and make them practise on old exams.
D.     Give them lots of homework to do the week before the exam.


Question 5
What is the best way to record a pupil’s progress in the classroom?

A.     Have a simple spreadsheet assessment system that instantly compares individual attainment against local and national expectations.
B.     Have a system that can be easily understood by other teachers.
C.     Only have written paper records that are filed away in your office.
D.     Give your assessment notes to the school office staff to type up and record.


Question 6
Which of the following is the most important for a new teacher to be aware of;

A.     They should know the school term times.
B.     The names of all of the senior teachers.
C.     The history of the school.
D.     They should be fully conversant with the schools policies, ethos and procedures.


Question 7
Why is it important to establish clear academic goals for pupils?

A.     So a pupil knows what sort of homework to expect.
B.     So pupils know what is expected of them, and have a target to aim at and against which their performance can be measured.
C.     So the teacher knows exactly what they will be doing throughout the school term.
D.     So the teacher will know what resources they need to bring to a lesson.


Question 8
As a teacher, what are some of the main factors you must concentrate on in order to keep the students engaged in learning?

A.     You must be humorous in every way as people who laugh together learn better.
B.     You must encourage students to observe, question, discover, and investigate in order to engage them in their learning.
C.     You must be strict and aggressive as concentration comes through fear.
D.     Let the students learn at their own pace, you just concentrate on giving the lesson.


Question 9
Why is it important to observe and evaluate every students’ academic performance, progress, behaviour, and social development?

A.     So you can identify the best students and then give them preferential treatment.
B.     As combined these areas contribute as a whole to the students end results and academic achievements.
C.     So you can put the most competent ones at the front of the class and the least capable ones at the back.


Question 10
As a Teacher, why is it important to constantly monitor a students question and answer scores and regularly carry out tests on their subject knowledge?

A.     Because it is important to look professional in your job.
B.     As the other Teachers do this so you should follow what they do to.
C.     So you can identify their weaknesses and then help them to work on those areas where they are weak.
D.     Because students who do well deserve praise and students who do not need to be disciplined.


Question 11
You are teaching a lesson and some of your students do not understand the technique you are using to try and teach a complex subject, what do you do?

A.     Focus on those who understand and ignore the others.
B.     Tell them if they do not understand anything it is not the right subject for them.
C.     Speak to the students, find out what they do not understand, then break down the subject matter to make it easier for them.
D.     Give them extra homework to do.


Question 12
At a parents evening, a students parents have approached you and are concerned their child is being bullied at school, what do you do?

A.     Take this matter very lightly and tell them this is part of school life.
B.     Tell them you are a teacher and ask them to speak to the school office staff in the morning.
C.     Advise them to call the police as you do not have any authority to do anything about it.
D.     Take this matter very seriously, listen to what they have to say, identify who is doing the bullying, tell the parents you will look investigate the matter in the morning.


Question 13
A student gets into an altercation with another student and they become verbally abusive towards each other, what do you do?

A.     It has nothing to do with you, let them carry on.
B.     Stop the lesson, send both the students out of the class and tell them to only come back once they have cooled down.
C.     Stop teaching for a moment, remove one of the student from the class, then talk to both of them separately to calm them down.
D.     Shout at them until they stop and then carry on teaching.


Question 14
Why is attending parents evening and speaking to parents important?

A.     It is a good way to discuss a pupils academic strengths and weaknesses, and to get parents to take an active part in their child’s education.
B.     You get to meet the parents of your pupils and form a friendship with them.
C.     It’s a good way to publicise the school.
D.     You get to meet teachers from other subjects and exchange ideas with them.


Question 15
A teacher should have good communication skills so they can work alongside others and ….

A.     Socialise with colleagues after work.
B.     Create a shared sense of purpose amongst teachers, pupils and their parents.
C.     Be able to market the school to other potential pupils.
D.     Speak to the head teacher in a professional manner.


Question 16
Why is it important to participate in teacher training days?

A.     It assists teachers to refresh and renew their professional skills, and also helps them to keep up to date with changes in the academic curriculum.
B.     It helps teachers to socialise and bond with fellow teachers.
C.     You learn how to motivate and earn the respect of students.
D.     It shows you how take part in departmental, year group and staff meetings.


Question 17
Why is home work important for a pupils development?

A.     It helps take the load of a teachers day by giving pupils work to do at home rather than in class.
B.     It reinforces what they have learnt at school and also helps them to further develop their research, time management and study skills.
C.     It shows parents that the school takes their child’s education seriously.
D.     Pupils learn to take their education more seriously.


Question 18
Which of the following is a key skill that makes a teacher stand out?

A.     Favouring one student over another.
B.     Being able to control a class by shouting at students.
C.     Incorporating as much dialogue as possible in the shortest amount of time.
D.     Generating a positive learning atmosphere and developing a great rapport with students without favouring one student over another.



Question 19
Part of a teachers job is to advise parents or legal guardians of a pupils progress.
True or false


Question 20
Making sure that all the classroom equipment is safe to use and is stored away at the end of a class, is NOT part of a teachers job. Their role is simply to teach.
True or false



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