Many well paid and professional jobs are never advertised (for various reasons) but are instead filled by other means. It’s a common misconception that every vacancy will be publicised one way or another, this is simply not the case, depending on the industry the figure for these hidden jobs can be as high as 70%.

These ‘invisible jobs’ as they are also known are all mainstream positions with small companies right through to large multinationals. Knowing about these vacancies has obvious advantages for job seekers, the main one being that whereas with ‘normal’ jobs 100’s of people may apply for each position, for vacancies that no one knows about it’s usually just a handful.

We didn’t invent the hidden jobs market, but we have written an e-book about it. Our 20 page e-book ‘The Hidden Jobs Market’ will not only tell you where to look for these jobs but will also show you how to;

  • Identify employers to contact.
  • Professionally approach and contact these companies.
  • Recognize employment opportunities before anyone else and take advantage of them.
  • Set up alerts so you are notified when a suitable position becomes available.
  • Save time by not applying for jobs that don’t exist.
  • Avoid common mistakes when applying for these positions.
  • Write your way to a job.
  • Get the job by being different.