The Health Professions Council or HPC as it is known is a regulatory body, set up to protect the interests of patients and the public. The main way that the HPC does this is by having a register of all healthcare professionals, and making sure that they have signed up to and understand the standards of the HPC as regards behaviour and training etc. If you wish to apply for any public sector jobs in for instance hospitals then you must be registered with the HPC.

Currently the Health Professions Council has over 200,000 people registered with them and regulate 14 different health professions, they are as follows:

Arts therapists,
Biomedical scientists

Clinical scientists
Occupational therapists
Operating department practitioners

Practitioner psychologists
Prosthetists / orthotists

Speech and language therapists

The HPC have powers to investigate and also expel any healthcare professionals registered with them, and even stop them from practising. The HPC is there to take any complaints from members of the public and to investigate any issues they may have.


Further information:

Health Professions Council
Park House
84 Kennington Park Road
SE11 4BU

Telephone: 020 7582 0866


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