There are various technology and IT related positions within the public sector that can offer you a long term secure and rewarding career. On this page we will give you the job titles and a description of the duties of those roles that are typically advertised by employers like central government, the police and local authorities etc.

In certain circumstances the government may increase its technology budget significantly because of a commitment to specific large ICT projects. This will then lead to a increase in the number of IT jobs with in the public sector. For instance like the recently announced National Identity Scheme (NIS), which was proposed by the Labour government. The opposite to this of course is a cut in spending or when civil service jobs are outsourced to foreign countries. These fiscal circumstances where expenditure is cut will of course lead to job cuts in public sector IT departments.

On the positive side it should be noted that all the three major UK parties are committed to e-government and to aim to cut the number of outside experts and freelance IT contractors employed in the public sector.

Departments who employ and advertise many IT jobs:

Local Authorities
Police Forces
Central Government departments (i.e. Home office, Department of Environment)
Education (schools, universities etc)
Emergency Services (fire and ambulance service)

Job titles of the sort of positions available in the public sector:

Web manager
Support technicians
IT service desks
Database administrator
IT support