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16th July 2023


Dear …………,

After reading your job advert on the website, I believe that you are looking for an outstanding Web Designer like me to join your winning team.

I can turn a customer’s thoughts into an online reality.

You can rely on me to finish jobs in less time than quoted in order to maximize profitability. Your job advert specifically states that candidates should be able to create superb new website structures and the code that forms these. I can do this whilst meeting all relevant legal requirements such as accessibility standards, freedom of information and privacy.

With me you will get a proven operator who can wear many hats and has the high levels of proficiency and experience in the different fields, you require in a candidate. That’s not all, I can also advise clients on the best search engine optimisation options.

In my current role I come up with ideas for eye-catching web pages that appeal to visitors. At work I turn creative designs into real life websites. With my compatriots I have a reputation for balancing the usability, visual appeal, and technical feasibility of designs. During my long career I have worked for software houses, IT consultancies and specialist web design companies.

On a personal level I possess the communication and marketing skills needed to pitch ideas to clients in a tactful manner.

Right now, I am keen to join a company like yours where the hours and working times are flexible, and all work will be at a pace that will suit my lifestyle. In closing I would like to stress how keen I am to schedule an interview with you at your convenience. To this end, please find attached my most recent resume for your consideration.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my application.

Yours sincerely,


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Tel: 0044 123 456 7890



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