There is no need to put this in a CV or to attach a photo. It is not standard practice, can backfire on you and it also takes up valuable space.


Your failures
Your CV must be a positive document, so avoid putting in examples of negative experiences at work or in your personal or academic life.


Bizarre fonts 
Do not use unusual fonts, very bright colors or cartoon figures in your CV. These will not grab the readers attention, look amateurish and will create a immediate bad impression of you.


Unnecessary headings
Save space on your CV by not putting in headings and titles that are not necessary.


Leisure activities 
Not really advisable as space is at a premium there is no need to give details about your hobbies, unless of course they are related to the job you are applying for. For instance if you are applying for a management position then if you were the manager or coach of your local football team you should mention it.

If you are a student with no work experience or are applying for a entry level job then its acceptable to include your hobbies. It will give you an opportunity to show of your writing skills and to demonstrate that you are a sociable person who can work as part of a team.


Your health
There is no real reason to mention this unless you have a medical condition that can affect your ability to do a job.


Criticizing current or previous employers
You should never criticize your past or present employers, even thinly veiled attacks on them can damage your image and application.


Religion, sexuality or political affiliations 
In your CV there is no need for you to include your religion, sexual orientation or what political party you voted for. Although there may be very small occupations where you may have to provide this information.


Reasons for leaving your previous jobs 
Again no real reason to tell people why you left your previous employment, if a employer wants to know they will ask you at the interview stage.

What not to put in your CV