Appearances really do matter to employers and for this reason alone it’s important that you dress appropriately for job interviews.

Recruiters can and will judge a prospective candidate by their attire, clothes and personal hygiene. Get it right and you can create an immediate positive impression, get it wrong and you can just as easily create a negative one.

Remember that during the interview the recruiter will be sat in front of you for up to one hour watching you intensely. They will quickly notice any deficiencies in your dress code and appearance. Increase your chances of influencing a hiring manager and of conducting a successful interview by spending time on how you look and creating the right impression.

Your image
Through your personal appearance aim to create a professional and conservative image.

Look good… feel good
Dressing up in the right attire can also make you feel more confident during an interview.

Tips for men on what type of suit to wear:

  • Go for dark colors, black or dark blue etc.
  • Make sure it’s a good fit.
  • Always wear a white shirt.
  • Wear ties that are plain colored and not too loud.
  • Have black or dark colored polished shiny shoes.

Personal grooming

  • Make up – women should not go over the top with their make up and ensure that it is appropriate for a business meeting.
  • Hair – keep your hair combed, neat and tidy.
  • Finger nails – keep these trimmed and manicured.
  • Men should be clean shaven, or if they have beards and facial hair, then they should ensure that these are trimmed and neat.

If possible always cover these up.

Keep rings, necklaces, earrings etc to a minimum.

Teeth and breath
Ensure that these have been brushed it is vital that your breath smells fresh. This can be particularly noticed in a small interview room. If you are a smoker try not to smoke just before going into the interview.

What not to wear at a interview:

  • Jeans.
  • Trainers.
  • Hooded tops.
  • Dirty or stained clothes.
  • Outlandish, bright or multi colored clothes.
  • Bow ties.
  • Earrings.

Perfumes and after shave
Do not go over the top with these, remember that in a small interview room smells can come across quiet strong.

Handbags and briefcases
Make sure these are also smart, clean, organized and presentable.

Make sure that any pens you have are of a good quality, no chewed tops or ones that have run out of ink.


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