Wheelchair ramps for sale

These are disabled access ramps that are installed outside buildings to help disabled or injured people who use a wheelchair to gain access to buildings, it’s an alternative for those with limited mobility and who cannot use stairs. Occasionally the inside of a building may also have wheelchair ramps in place as in as well as other disability aids like wheelchair lifts.

Before you start looking for any wheelchair ramps for sale it is best to get some information about them. Look at the where they are likely to be used, getting in and out of a vehicle or negotiating a few stairs in your house or will they be used when you travel to outdoor locations. Some come made in metals like aluminium while others are made of tough flexible material that can be laid over bumps or single kerbs.

All portable wheelchairs can usually be folded either once or are multi fold. Consider the weight of them after all you do not want to be folding away something that is quiet heavy.

There are two main types of ramps available, permanent and portable.

Permanent ramps that are outside buildings have a inclined ramp that starts from the ground and goes up to the floor of the building or room concerned. They are also useful for people who do not use a wheelchair but who may have difficulty getting up a flight of stairs. These structures are always carefully designed to high safety standards so that the slope is not too steep so as to be too difficult to push a wheelchair up. The width must be wide enough to allow a electric wheelchair to go up them as well as manual ones. The material or tiles used on the floor surface must also be no slip so that the wheelchair wheels can grip it easily, even in icy conditions. The surface should be as flat as possible to give a bump free ride to any users of powered wheelchairs. The length of the ramp will always be determined by its location and number of stairs it has to negotiate around.

Most wheelchair ramps outside office blocks are a permanent structure made of steel or concrete, typically with easy grip handrails running along each side of the ramp. These handrails can assist accessibility to the building.

In most newly built local government or council buildings mobility ramps are built and installed as standard, this is to assist those who are employed in public sector jobs.

Portable wheelchair ramps for sale
There are also portable ramps available, these can be constructed and also dismantled very quickly these are used as temporary measures to be used until a permanent solution is installed. The advantage of these if of course that they can be used in many different locations, and also adjusted to suit different locations and situations. They can for instance be used to help you get out of vehicles or up some steps.

Disabled access ramps are not only built to accommodate workplaces or offices but also in residential homes as well, where they allow disabled people to live a more independent lifestyle.