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“The experiences I have had over the last two years at college and in employment have given me new perspectives on and changed my attitudes towards the natural world and the animal kingdom. For me it all started at college where I received what is sometimes referred to as the ‘Inconvenient Truth’ talk, it was a life changing experience that woke me up to the dangers facing our planet and got me interested in conservation, living organisms and in particular Zoology. My tutors were all very positive and encouraging and I am grateful to them for not only introducing me to this subject but also for helping me to grow intellectually for also teaching me new ways of thinking.

Towards the end of my final year at college and after learning a lot of theory about animal evolution, behaviour and physiology I decided that the time was right to gain some real life experience of working with animals. So over the summer months I worked on a voluntary basis at a local veterinary surgery. My goal was to gain practical experience of the medical and surgical treatment of animals. Although the work was unpaid I thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt a great deal about the prevention and spread of disease in animals, the procedures for prescribing medicine, how to identify illness and the importance of maintaining accurate records.

All things considered I believe I would make an ideal candidate for your Zoology course for three main reasons. Firstly I feel I have a genuine passion for subject, secondly I possess the required academic qualifications and thirdly I have real life practical work experience of working with animals (after having been a unpaid volunteer in a veterinary surgery). All of these points will also hopefully demonstrate to you that I am well equipped to continue studying a subject that I already have considerable knowledge of. My commitment to Zoology can further be shown by the fact that even though I have been told that Zoology is not a ‘strong’ subject and may in some ways limit my ability to work in other well paid industries, I still feel attracted to it as it is a field of study that fascinates me and that I have a passion for. I am willing to forsake other more potentially ‘lucrative’ degree courses for something I really enjoy doing.

In the search for a suitable university to study at I have read through quiet a few prospectus’s and visited a number of campuses. I wanted to find a course that covered all the key areas I was interested in and also taught through a combination of lectures, field trips, online learning, tutorials and projects. I am pleased to say that your course and university ticked all the right boxes for me. Your universities location, superb transport links and close proximity to major geographical attractions also attracted me as well as the fact that several of my friends are current undergraduates at your university and they all speak very highly of your institution.”


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