An architect will have a lot of tools that they use to help them make professional and acceptable architecture plans and technical drawing designs. On this page we will list some of the equipment that is available like drafting tables etc. All of the equipment described below is still in use today however some of them like the drawing board is becoming less common due to computer aided drafting and design software.

The design equipment that is listed below is not just used in building architecture designs but also on other projects like cutaway drawings. This is where a illustration is given of a three dimensional object, for instance a car, but with the surface of the object removed.

T squares
This is a T shaped technical tool that help an architect or a draftsman to draw accurate horizontal lines. It is shaped like a T, hence its name, the longest part of the t square is called a ‘blade’. The square comes in various sizes and can be made on wood or aluminium. They can be adjusted and turned around for either left hand or right hand use. They tend to have what is called a inking lip for any pens that run at the top of it to draw a line. They also have a millimetre and inch scale ruler on the side. This piece of architecture equipment is also used in many colleges by students to do technical drawing.

Drawing board
These are basically large desks, that can be made of wood, plastic or metal, they tend to have a drafting machine attached to them. Architects use them to draw architecture designs and technical plans on, most people will have heard of the old saying ‘back to the drawing board’. Typically a large sheet of paper is placed on the drawing boards for the architect to work on. They are very helpful in making precise technical illustrations by engineers who will use pens or pencils to design modern architecture. There will be many different tools that will be used on the board, they range from stencils to protractors.

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