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If you have a business based in the West Midlands or a residential home in Birmingham and are looking for any local Birmingham fire safety consultants to help you then this is the page for you.

There are literally hundreds of qualified and capable fire safety consultants based in the Midlands that can advise you on matters relating to fire safety as well as fire prevention. Getting advice and guidance from the professionals can help you in two ways. Firstly they will demonstrate to you the best fire prevention techniques and how to cut down on the chances of a blaze breaking out in the first place. This could be through the installation of fire alarms or carrying out a detailed fire risk assessment etc. Secondly they will advise you on how to be ready for any workplace fire that does break out. They can advise you on where to place your fire extinguishers, whether its worth installing a sprinkler system, helping you plan your means of escape etc.

There are many benefits for trying to prevent a worst case scenario. Just imagine the damage to your trading business if a fire was to break out there, how much stock could you potentially have destroyed. Would your company have to stop trading for a certain amount of time, or maybe permanently. Would you be covered by your insurance company if you did not have the correct precautions in place. What about the danger to your workforce, are you providing then with a safe enough working environment. If any of your staff are injured in a accident or blaze could it be down to negligence on behalf of their employer.

On top of all of this it could also be a requirement of your insurance company to have a say local Birmingham fire safety consultants carry out a risk assessment on your property, and to then implement their recommendations. By doing this you would be fulfilling your legal obligations.

You should always ask about certain safety points when looking to employ the services of a safety consultant. Here are a number of points to discuss with any local Birmingham fire safety consultants you approach:

Where is the best location in the building to place emergency lighting.
Certain industries still require fire certificates, is your business one of them.
Can they provide fire training to key members of your staff.
What fire fighting equipment do they recommend you have in your workplace .
What do you have to do to meet your legal requirements, for instance how many fire doors do you need to have in place, or how many fire escapes must you have in the premises?

About Birmingham
Birmingham is the second largest city in England, with a population of just over one million it is second to London. It is located in the centre of England, and comes under the county of West Midlands.

Recent surveys have shown that most growth in the local economy is from the service sector. The Bull Ring shopping centre is the second largest retail trade centre in the UK.

Modern Birmingham is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in England, it has large British Asian and British Black communities living in various districts of the City. It being the second city there are many historical places to visit. One of the most popular at the moment is Broad Street which along with the canal basin is located in the centre of Birmingham and is the centre of the cities nightlife. The NEC Birmingham which stands for the National Exhibition Centre is located near Birmingham International Airport and regularly holds many of the UK’s leading international fairs and events there.