Business Administrators provide comprehensive, efficient and effective secretarial support to an organisation. They can be instrumental in pushing a business forward, and are a vital part of any team.

These courses utilize different methods and mediums to deliver course material. Programs cover a broad range of topics, and will give students an in-depth understanding of key administrative issues. They will help students develop skills and knowledge that can be used to pursue career opportunities in a variety of fields. At the same time they will build the intellectual and vocational skills needed to succeed in a busy and challenging environment.

Questions to ask a Business Administration school in California

  • What are some possible career options for someone who passes your course?
  • What are the class times and schedules?
  • How much teaching experience do your tutors have?
  • Can you give me some tips on passing this course?
  • After applying, how can I check on my admission status?
  • What is the business core curriculum?

Questions YOU are likely to be asked at a Business Administration school interview
The interviewer wants to see if you can handle a high pressure environment with significant timeline pressures.

  • What is your biggest weakness?
  • Why are you interested in our School?
  • What is your definition of business administration?
  • What are the essential steps in the process of planning?
  • Do you have any work experience of business administration?

At a Business Administration school you will learn about;

  • Developing administrative policies and procedures.
  • Monitoring and reconciling accounts.
  • Handling confidential information in a discreet manner.
  • Organising travel arrangements for senior managers.
  • Inputting data and updating databases/spread sheets accurately.
  • Maintaining office filing and storage systems.
  • Supporting and communicating with project teams.
  • Liaising between various departments.
  • Developing work priorities.

Business Administration curriculums will cover topics such as;

  • Accounting
  • Budget preparation
  • Business law
  • Change management
  • Keyboard skills
  • Managing people
  • Marketing
  • Microeconomics
  • Operations management
  • Stock organisation
  • Technology management
  • Trade and commerce

Reasons to enrol on this course

  • Learn how to manage and administer business administration tasks according to international standards.
  • Can provide you with a lot of exciting career opportunities.

Facts about California

Population:           37,679,000

Capital:                 Sacramento

Largest City:         Los Angles

Size:                     158,706 square miles

GDP:                    1.813 trillion USD (2007)

  • More people live there than in any other US state.
  • Also known as The Golden State, The El Dorado State and The Grape State.
  • It is the third largest state in America.
  • Its official motto is Eureka! (I have found it).
  • Death Valley National Park (the hottest place in the United States) is located in California.

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