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29th June 2023


Dear …………,

I have seen your recent advertisement on the website for a C Developer and I wish to apply for this position.

I have a passion for pushing the latest technology to its limits.

I hold a bachelor’s degree in computer science along with robust experience of software design principles and the development lifecycle.

I am a committed team player who finds it easy to collaborate with other developers to create applications and websites. I possess the strong critical thinking and problem-solving skills needed to succeed in a tough competitive environment.

I come to you as someone who can play a key role in ensuring that award-winning products meet the highest standards of performance and reliability. I can promptly analyse and resolve defects reported internally and by customers. Furthermore, I will assist your clients by delivering quality software faster, more effectively and more frequently to them.

Additionally, I’m from an academic background and possess a long list of relevant qualifications and certifications.

Currently, I am employed by ……………… where I not only work with our in-house developers, but also our project managers, designers and marketing team. As part of my duties, I ensure everyone is on the same page when it comes to project, thereby reducing confusion and delays. I have learnt how to act as a technical lead on projects, either as a solo project or a small team.

Aside from my technical competencies, I am a driven and ambitious professional with a desire to push for continuous improvement and deliver quality software.

The attached resume will give you more details of my core competencies and future potential. Should you find interest in my application, then I will be available for an interview at your convenience.

Yours sincerely,


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Tel: 0044 123 456 7890



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