This is the CV format that is most commonly used by job hunters, it clearly lists your personal details work experience and academic qualifications in reverse chronological order.

A chronological CV which is also sometimes known as a performance CV is a effective way of marketing yourself to potential employers because it highlights your career progression and promotions with your most recent job listed first.


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Writing a chronological CV

A chronological CV is typically split into the following separate sections, all of then are arranged by date order:-

  • Personal details
  • Personal profile
  • Career history
  • Volunteer activities
  • Educational qualifications
  • Skill sets


When listing your career history place a emphasis on your job title, employers name, dates and also your key duties.

Your should in one paragraph describe your job role and then use bullet points to mention key work duties. As when using any CV template try to focus on those experiences and competencies that are related to the job you are applying for.

Remember to give the most information on your most recent jobs. This could be your current or most recent ones as well as the one before that. A employer wants to know what you have been doing in the last 2 years not say 8 years ago.

When describing your training and academic qualifications again start with the latest first. You only need to give details of the dates, school / college / university name and also the qualification.


Advantages of a chronological CV

The main advantages of this CV layout is that it firstly allows you to highlight those skills that you want to stand out. For instance is you have previously had impressive job titles then you can make these stand out.

Secondly it is easy for the recruiter to scan your CV quickly, which is what they want.

Thirdly if you have stayed in the same industry throughout your career and want to remain there then it is ideal, as you can show your progression and any promotions your achieved through out your working life.


Disadvantages of a chronological CV

The main disadvantages of a chronological CV are that firstly it may not be targeted enough to specific job roles.

Secondly its not the best format if in your work career you have held a number of short term jobs in different industries and with various employers. For instance if you have worked in the retail sector then got a job in a office and then found employment in a factory.

It may also not be the best style for you if you are a recent graduate or school leaver and have little work experience.

As everything is listed by date order a employer can quickly see any significant gaps in your employment history like unemployment or redundancy periods.


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