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A diligent and detail orientated professional who can ensure that any database runs efficiently and securely. Maxine can not only create and maintain databases, she can also write, test and troubleshoot SQL queries. She is an expert at analysing potential Database Management System applications to determine their feasibility. A superb communicator who can effectively liaise with IT project managers and database programmers. In her current role she oversees the implementing and maintaining of database security best practices, including user access management, authentication, and encryption. With colleagues she has a reputation for always being there even covering things on callouts for evenings and weekends. Used to working as part of a cross functional team to deliver projects. Through her career she has learnt how to protect a database against threats or unauthorized access. A true professional who is committed to keeping up-to-date with industry trends, emerging technologies, and best practices. Right now, she would like to join a company that strives to hire and develop the right people, locally and globally.



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Responsible for the implementation of new methodologies and standards, applicable to Database Administration.


  • Creating and organizing systems to store different data types, such as information and records.
  • Installation and configuration of databases.
  • Acting as the lead technical specialist for all database related issues.
  • Mapping out the conceptual design for a planned database.
  • Quickly responding to data breaches or security incidents.
  • Providing technical solutions to optimise data flows and solutions.
  • Maintaining the database systems used within the organisation.
  • Monitoring database performance and proactively identify and resolve issues.
  • Supporting and administering the Microsoft SQL Server environment.
  • Establishing the purpose of a database.
  • Actively participating in projects, teams, and meetings.
  • Reporting to senior managers on metrics regarding usage and performance.
  • Putting together technical specifications, policies and procedures for effective database management.
  • Database cleaning of unused and historical data and all keeping all records up to date.
  • Ensuring the availability, consistent performance and data integrity of the company’s databases.
  • Participating in various IT project and development work as required.
  • Writing operating manuals and providing training and support for to users on database use.
  • Monitor database performance to identify problems.
  • Managing security standards and controls.
  • Creating reports using complex SQL procedures to facilitate data-driven improvements to business processes.
  • Collating and monitoring the flow of documents to ensure the smooth running of the administrative side of things.
  • Using a full suite of configuration management and compliance tools to get a job done.
  • Ensuring that databases meet users’ requirements.

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  • Merging databases when necessary.
  • Experience with monitoring technologies.
  • Knowledge of backup and recovery procedures and tools.
  • Proficiency in optimisation including indexing and best practice re SQL queries.
  • Excellence technical skills in a range of programming languages.
  • Have in the past worked remotely, from home and in offices.
  • Can simultaneously manage multiple databases.


  • Willing to travel nationally as well as overseas.
  • Committed to acquiring additional skills and promote self development.



Database technologies
Time management
System administration
Database maintenance
Capacity planning
Recovery procedures
Data management
Analysis skills



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Available on request.



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