This page is a directory of private training companies that provide fire safety training courses. It will be constantly updated and added to, with the aim of making it the most comprehensive resource in the UK.

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This page will give you free useful information that will help you select the course that is right for you.

Key points about fire safety training courses

  • Most courses can be tailored to meet the needs of both individuals and small businesses.
  • Proper fire training is important as it will help individuals to perform their roles properly.
  • many courses will involved live fire fighting demonstrations.
  • Some courses may only be held at a training companies centre whilst others can be held of work premises.
  • All teaching material in normally provided by the training provider.
  • A certificate of course completion or attendance is given to students who have ‘passed’.

On a fire safety training course you will learn

  • Fire extinguisher training (practice using real fire extinguishers).
  • Fire risk assessment.
  • How to comply with fire and safety regulations.
  • A understanding of current fire safety legislation.
  • Effective evacuation procedures.
  • Knowledge of the chemical processes that can start fires.
  • How to identify potential fire hazards.
  • Fire drill and evacuation procedures.
  • How to select the most suitable type of fire extinguisher for the sorts of fire most commonly experienced in the workplace.
  • How to prevent fires from starting in the first place.
  • What to do when you discover a fire.

Why is fire safety training important

  • It can save life and property.
  • It can help create a safer working environment.