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These usually come in holdalls or tin boxes, are usually green with a medical white or red cross on it. These containers are normally waterproof, to stop the syringes and plasters inside from getting damaged. They contain various medical equipment dressings and tools needed to help you apply first aid. There are many different types of kits available, each one made to suit its own purpose. For instance you could have one for your office and store it in a first aid cabinet, or if you are travelling abroad to a hot climate or a jungle then you should special travel first aid kit.

They are widely available though out the UK, in everyday places and situations that people would use. For instance in trains, taxis, restaurants and all public service buildings. You should note that these are only to be used to treat minor injuries, and you should seek the assistance of a qualified medical person or the emergency services asap by dialling 999 if it is a serous injury.

Inside the bags there should be medical equipment like bandages to help treat and cover up scratches or deep wounds that are bleeding, as well as take and perhaps some pain killers. They are very useful in dealing with emergencies and also accidents.

There are many medical companies and chemists that advertise first aid kits for sale, their price will depend on what the kits include.

As any qualified health and safety consultancy will tell you it is a legal requirement for a workplace to have first aid kits made available to their staff in the event of any workplace accidents. Needless to say you should keep these kits clean and in a place where they can be easily reached. If you are a health and safety office in your company one of your priorities should be to make sure you check the first aid supplies are fully stocked. Strictly speaking only those staff who have been trained and are qualified and have a first aid certificate should use the contents.

So what sort of items does a emergency first aid include? Well it should have contents to treat what is know in the medical profession as ABC. This stands for Airway, Breathing and Circulation. Contents should include:

These are typically stretch bandages used as a dressing to treat wounds like cuts or strains. They are designed to provide comfort and keep any injuries free from dirt.

These are typically sterile dressings used to treat grazes, burns etc and also to clean them. They can also be used to apply antiseptic creams to stop any infections.

Used to wash your hands with after you have treated the injured person.

Antiseptic wipes
These will be used to clear away dirt from any cuts or wounds prior to administering dressing to them. They can sometimes contain alcohol, and can be used with cotton wool.

You can have latex or polythene gloves to wear to improve hygiene when handling first aid equipment. They usually come in one size fits all.