A well presented CV that shows you have the necessary qualifications and potential is an essential tool for job seekers. This is even more so for anyone interested in a career in the media where presentation and image are of paramount importance.

Not sure where to start with your resume, how to lay it out or what to write. Then view and read the media CV template samples on this page and discover how to overcome common problems and write a winning CV that makes a great first impression. We have created a bank of witty, high quality and distinctive pieces of work that you can use as templates.

The media samples and general advice on this page will be useful to both experienced and inexperienced candidates. The list of templates is constantly being updated and aims to cater for a variety of media roles in fields like Journalism, TV, Radio, Publishing, Acting etc.

Media jobs are typically available in film and television production companies, publishing houses, media agencies and also entertainment or event management firms.

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Media CV samples:

Actor CV template

Advertising CV template

Art director CV template

Copywriter CV template

DJ CV template

Editor CV template

Event coordinator CV template

Event manager CV template

Journalism CV template

Make up artist CV template

Public relations CV template


Journalist CV
Make clear how you can contribute to a prospective employer and what you can input into the job. Exclude any irrelevant information and highlight any relevant experience, achievements and successes that are related to the job you are applying for. Remember be truthful as you will have to prove any claims that you make. Areas to focus on are:

  • Reporting.
  • Try to include examples of your writing work.
  • Your research and information gathering ability.
  • Demonstrate your excellent command of the English language.
  • Reading.
  • Your natural curiosity and ability to investigate stories.
  • Experience of writing news stories and feature articles.
  • Sub editing.
  • Your ability to meet high standards.


Other media positions: 

Television producer
Television camera operator
TV news reporter


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