This course is ideal for anyone who intends to work as a professional social worker or in a related field.

You will learn how to help deprived and vulnerable people deal with personal and sensitive issues. Students will be equipped with the skills required to give professional support to people in their times of need. You will learn how to mediate between different parties and also how to communicate effectively with individuals, carers, health care professionals, families and communities. On a different level qualified social workers are able to represent people in places like juvenile and family law courts.

Online social work degree overview

It is a challenging yet very rewarding degree that will get you to understand the links between theoretical and practical side of things.

Online courses allow you to earn whilst you learn, and with no fixed class timetables you can decide when you want to study. It allows students the opportunity to earn a degree from a established university without having to physically attend one. You do not need to attend a campus based university, but instead will learn everything online. By utilising specialist teaching resources you will be taught predominantly through a virtual learning environment which is flexible enough to allow you to specialise in certain areas. Students will learn through various online learning strategies that will include role plays, case presentations, simulations, video-assisted skills learning, and online seminars. You will benefit from the knowledge of tutors and academics, many of whom have real life experience of working as social workers.

Typical modules and subjects that can be taught on a distance learning social work course

  • Adoption and Fostering
  • Alcohol Abuse
  • Child Care
  • Child Development
  • Child Protection
  • Community Care
  • Crime, Welfare and Justice
  • Domestic Violence
  • Drug Abuse
  • Human Growth and Behaviour
  • Human Growth and Development
  • Illness and Disease
  • Introduction to Social Work
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Legal Perspectives
  • Mental Health
  • Professional Practice
  • Psychology
  • Social Inclusion
  • Social Policy
  • Social Problems
  • Social Research
  • Social Work Law
  • Social Work with Older Adults
  • Social Work with Disabled Adults
  • sociology and Law
  • Social Work Policy
  • Social Work Practice and Methods
  • Working with Children and Young People
  • Working with Offenders
  • Young Offenders

Students will learn how to

  • Get people to develop a sense of community.
  • Work in a variety of settings like mental health centres, residential homes or care centres.
  • Manage complex workloads simultaneously.
  • Help vulnerable people to live their lives as independently as they can.
  • Present information in a professional manner.
  • Work in a multidisciplinary environment.
  • Form relationships with people.
  • Get family members talking to each other and keep them together.
  • Communicate effectively with people who have behavioural problems.
  • Help people find solutions to their problems.
  • Work closely with other healthcare professionals, the police, local authorities and schools.
  • Learn how to see problems from the view point of different people.
  • Become a good and patient listener.

Students will learn about

  • The fundamentals of social work practice.
  • Diversity and multiculturalism.

Career prospects and roles for social work graduates
Its worth noting that many universities have strong relationships with local or national social work agencies, all of which can help with getting work placements. Opportunities for employment exist in both the public and private sector, as well as;

  • charities
  • hospitals
  • local authorities
  • private healthcare centres

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