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A dynamic and experienced Oracle Developer who knows more than just simply coding. Maxine also has in depth knowledge of how underlying database architecture works and about network protocols and security. She has a record of coming up with best-of-breed Oracle solutions, from hardware and software to networking, cloud and support services. Has 3 plus years of professional experience in Oracle applications as well as a Computer Science degree. Possesses the strong organizational skills needed to stay on top of tasks and ensure that a company does not lose any important information. In her current role she works on many rewarding projects that have changed the company’s operations for the better. During her career she has had the opportunity to work with cutting-edge technology and collaborate with industry experts. On a personal level she is driven and willing to push her skills and abilities to the absolute limit. A super communicator who has the collaboration abilities needed to work within a diverse and agile team environment. Right now, she would like to join a company where she will have opportunities to explore new technologies that interest her.



ORACLE DEVELOPER – Start Date – Present
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Responsible for building applications and programs that interact with an Oracle Database.


  • Writing clean, well-documented code that follows coding best practices.
  • Managing database security in relation to Users, Roles, Privileges and Synonyms.
  • Developing and maintaining operational data quality dashboards.
  • Ensuring the stability, reliability and performance of databases.
  • Planning and implementing major release databases upgrades and periodic patching schedules.
  • Monitoring and identifying problems in Oracle cloud reporting solution system every day.
  • Debugging and resolving technical issues in collaboration with the wider development team.
  • Responding in a timely manner to any technical or general questions.
  • Actively seek to optimise and simplify architecture.
  • Overseeing the integration of new business solutions with legacy systems to satisfy customer requirements.
  • Choosing the correct programming environment for a new development project.
  • Conducting code reviews and participating in team wide technical design.
  • Maintaining new and existing Oracle applications.
  • Extracting data from one database and import it into another.
  • Analysing and troubleshooting system issues in a timely manner.
  • Setting up and managing user accounts and also training users on how to access information within the database.
  • Extracting the data from simple flat text files in the operational database.
  • Carrying out test runs and writing documentation.
  • Meeting coding and application standards for reliability, scalability, availability, and usability.
  • Creating Tables, Views, Indexes and Sequences.
  • Preparing and supporting software releases for software versioning and deployment.

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  • Evaluating existing software programs for flaws in their design or functionality.
  • Good knowledge of IT systems/server administration.
  • Ability to work largely independently and proactively on a fast paced and busy workload.
  • Knowledge of project-oriented programming and design principles.


  • Can operate well under pressure and never ‘losing it’ when things go wrong



Optimizing SQL
Tuning Oracle
User requirements
Computer programming
System administration
Web development
Database analysis



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Available on request.



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