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Police Officer CV template

Samantha Lewis
Dayjob Ltd
120 Vyse Street
Birmingham B18 6NF
T: 0121 638 0026
M: 0044 121 638 0026


Well presented, highly personable individual with a keen sense of justice and drive to enforce the law and provide reassurance to the public. A hardworking, pro-active and experienced police officer with an upbeat and positive attitude, who possesses a good team spirit and the ability to see a job through until it is completed. Highly motivated and able to exercise independent judgment in achieving the police authorities vision and mission.

Now looking to further an already successful career by working for a large, exciting and rewarding police authority. Police officer CV template



Local Police Authority
POLICE OFFICER     –    May 2008 – Present
Involved in working closely in collaboration with the local communities and civil organisations to maintain law and order. Also responsible for responding to emergence calls from members of the public and fostering good relationships with local communities.


  • Taking children to school and bringing them back.
  • Protecting local people and their property as well as helping to reduce and solve crimes.
  • Checking for outstanding warrants for wanted people.
  • Helping to identify those responsible for crimes and then bringing prosecutions against them.
  • Serving warrants.
  • Investigating reports of anti social behaviour.
  • Mediating in domestic disputes.
  • Involved in helping to keep the peace at demonstrations, marches, protests, football matches etc.
  • Gathering evidence at the scene of a crime.
  • Assisting in riot control situations.
  • Transporting prisoners from one police station to another.
  • Explaining the law to members of the public.
  • Keeping up to date with the movement and activities of known local criminals.
  • Handling paper work after a arrest, for instance writing crime reports.
  • Interviewing witnesses and also suspects.
  • Collecting and then recording lost or found property.
  • Attending court cases and also giving evidence there.
  • Occasionally pursuing and running after fleeing suspects on foot.
  • Conducting patrols in the local neighbourhood, by care foot or on bicycle.
  • Assisting traffic wardens and government agencies in carrying out their duties.
  • Arresting criminals and offenders and reading them their rights.
  • Investigating suspicious circumstances or incidents.
  • Controlling the traffic after a road accident.
  • Working in partnership with the neighbourhood officer to target known offenders.
  • At times of heightened security undertaking ‘stop searches’ of suspicious vehicles and individuals.




  • Disciplined enough to only use appropriate and necessary force when making arrests or carrying out duties.
  • Up to date with all current laws and regulations relating to dealing with the public.
  • Fully able to operate law enforcement equipment like hand held radios, fingerprint equipment, batons and sprays.
  • Ability to understand and carry out written and oral instructions and procedures.


  • Able to be tactful and diplomatic in sensitive situations.
  • Reacting calmly to emergency situations.
  • Person of integrity.
  • Physically fit with excellent unaided eyesight.
  • Can work effectively as part of a team.
  • Good moral character.



Child protection
VIP protection
Traffic enforcement
CPR and advanced first aid
Community focused
Problem solving



Evesham North College           2005 – 2008
BA (Hons) Law

Coventry North School               2003 – 2005
A levels:     Maths (C)   English (C)   Physics (B)


REFERENCES – Available on request.



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