The educational sector and where to find primary school teacher jobs

In the United Kingdom primary school education is compulsory for all children. Before a child enrolls at primary school they should have been to a nursery school, after attending primary school children must then attend secondary school. Many schools are state run by national government in partnership with local authorities. Having said that there are also many independent run schools, there are also fee paying schools. Schools and local education authorities are responsible for adverting primary school teacher jobs, they will usually be advertised in local or national newspapers or on job boards.

Local authorities are normally responsible for the up keep of school buildings. Local authorities have responsibility for implementing the policies of government at schools in their jurisdiction. Primary and secondary education can usually be followed by students with higher education. Higher education means colleges of further education and also universities. In England the school year or term will begin on the 1st of September and then schools will generally close for the summer holidays in July. As virtually every school child knows the summer holidays last for 6 weeks.

Primary school teachers are employed in the public sector by state run schools and also in independent schools. They are responsible for the teaching of school children aged between 5 years and 11 years. Primary school teachers must assess, prepare and teach pupils for the Standard Assessment Tasks [SAT’s] curriculum that have been laid out by national government in its education policies. They are responsible for the school children’s progress through primary school and the pupils school work. Primary school teachers can work in the lower primary school, which is also referred to as infants, or the upper primary school which is known as juniors.

Teachers are responsible for maintaining discipline in the classroom, working with parents and school governors to discuss any problems that the school is likely to face. Anyone interested in primary school teaching jobs must be prepared to work irregular hours, this is because they may have to take children on school trips or school events that may be held at weekends. Or they may have to attend parent’s evenings where they will have to give reports on a pupils progress to the pupils parents or guardians.

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