These are study programmes that will prepare students for a working life in project management. The vast majority of individuals who enroll on a PRINCE2 course do so to enhance their career and personal development and to also improve their ability to run projects. They are useful for two main reasons, firstly in many managerial vacancies (particularly in the public sector) it has become a prerequisite for a applicant to be PRINCE2 accredited. Secondly if applied properly the methodology it teaches can significantly increase the chances of projects being successful.

What is PRINCE2
Projects IN Controlled Environments 2 as it is also known is the methodology and is the effective project management standard for public projects. This process driven method covers the organisation, control and management of a project. It provides a bespoke system and methodology that is used not only in the UK, but worldwide. It’s guidelines and methods are generic and can be applied to a wide variety of industries like; finance, telecoms, IT, construction and engineering.

How to become PRINCE2 accredited
You need to achieve certification at either the Foundation or Practitioner level. To become fully accredited you must first obtain the PRINCE2 Foundation qualification, once you have this then you can proceed to a PRINCE2 Practitioner course and only after passing this will you become fully qualified.

As a general rule the Foundation level is suitable for those individuals in a projects supporting role. However if you intend to be involved in leading projects then you should have the Practitioner level qualification.

How many qualifications are there?
Basically there are two PRINCE2 levels, there is the PRINCE2 Foundation level and the PRINCE2 Practitioner level. Below is a more detailed breakdown;
PRINCE2 Foundation
PRINCE2 Combined Foundation & Practitioner
PRINCE2 Conversion
PRINCE2 Re-Registration Courses

How many examinations are there
To become fully qualified you need to take and pass two exams, they are;
PRINCE2 Foundation exam
PRINCE2 Practitioner exam

PRINCE2 Foundation level course content
PRINCE2 principles and guidelines.
PRINCE2 terminology.
How to use PRINCE2 supporting software and tools.
Project administration.
Initiating and starting up a project, setting its purpose and objectives.
Organising the project management team, delegating roles and responsibilities.
Directing a project.
Controlling a project stage.
Managing project delivery.
Closing a project.

PRINCE2 Practitioner level course content
How run and manage a project using PRINCE2 methodologies.
Understanding the relationships between the various PRINCE2 principles.
How to apply the PRINCE2 approach to various working environments.

The cost of a PRINCE2 training course
These can typically vary from £400 right up to £1300, it all really depends on the training company.
It’s always best to shop around for the most convenient and cost effective courses out there.
Make sure that the price quoted to you by a training provider covers the cost of the course and any examinations. Read any sales literature carefully to ensure there are no hidden charges.

How long do PRINCE2 training courses last?
Most full time courses vary from between two to five days or even longer.


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