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A security guards role is to maintain order at a set location and provide a visible, prominent and reassuring presence to a companies employees and members of the public. They can be employed and based in any location where there is a need for a secure atmosphere and environment. Being a security guard is a job that goes from extremes, for most of the time it can be pretty boring but for short periods it can also be very dangerous, exhilarating and exciting.

Since the passing of the Security Industry Act 2001 it has become compulsory for anyone wishing to be employed as a security guard to pass an accredited security training course and to then obtain a SIA license. Security guard training providers offer such accredited, structured and recognized courses and will help prepare you the role and responsibilities of being a guard.

Security guard training – course content

  • How to maintain a high visible presence to deter illegal or inappropriate behavior.
  • Making you aware relevant legislation and laws.
  • Understanding of civil and criminal law
  • Fire safety awareness
  • How to detect, deter, observe and report.
  • Emergency procedures
  • Improve your communication skills
  • Drugs awareness
  • How to search individuals
  • Licensing laws
  • Escorting techniques
  • Health and safety
  • situation awareness
  • How to assess a situation
  • Disengagement techniques
  • Avoiding and reducing conflict
  • Write reports about incidents of theft or damage
  • Conflict management
  • First Aid
  • Personal behaviour and professional code of conduct
  • Monitoring and controlling traffic movement – including wearing visible and appropriate clothing, using the correct hand signs and operating traffic signal equipment
  • Access control – checking baggage and vehicles for illegal substances.
  • Crowd control – locking down a facility and creating barricades.
  • Observing and identifying hazards

SIA qualifications and certification is offered through the following awarding bodies
EDI, City & Guilds, HABC,NOCN and Edexcel.

Security guard training will show you how to

  • Guard premises
  • Monitor premises
  • Operate CCTV and surveillance equipment
  • Prevent theft
  • Preserve order and protect property
  • Escort visitors or individuals around a site
  • Assist in the secure transportation of money
  • Escort unauthorized individuals of premises
  • Liaise quickly with the emergency services
  • Deter instances of employee theft and misconduct.
  • Make quick decisions and prioritise duties.

How is training conducted
In a classroom environment with reading and training material, along with discussions and role play examples.

Entry requirements
generally speaking there are no specific requirements, other than having to be over the age of 18.

SIA license
To create a more professional and competent private security industry the Security Industry Authority (SIA) has introduced a compulsory license for anyone wishing to become a security guard. Licensing of the industry has a number of advantages, it can:

  • Help to promote best practice.
  • Make the industry more attractive to potential employees.
  • Improve the public image of the industry as a whole and make it appear more professional.
  • Before you can apply for and obtain a SIA license you must pass the required industry examinations that prove you are properly qualified.

How are security guards different from door supervisors?
Typically a door supervisor will work at a entertainment venue where alcohol is served, for instance nightclubs or casinos, and maintain a static position at the front of these premises. While a security guard can also occasionally be at the front of a premises, they are more likely to be inside a building, or patrolling a site.


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