SharePoint is different things to different people.

At its core it makes it easier for people to work together to share and manage information. As organisations expand so does the amount of files that they have to organise and keep. All of this makes it difficult to keep track of documents and their locations. SharePoint in essence helps you to get around this problem by allowing you to store and share your files in a central site. You will have a secure place to organize, share, and access information from almost any device.

What is SharePoint
SharePoint was first launched by Microsoft in 2001. Since its release its market size has grown significantly and is expected to continue to expand. As a web application platform it allows companies to do many different things, or to do the same thing in many different ways. It is closely integrated with the MS Office suite and its most recent release has significantly broader capabilities that previous versions. You can interactively input, download and track data which can be used to help managers make better decisions. The web tools it holds are designed to be usable by non-technical people and allows users to manage documents from start to finish, publish reports and store information on areas like key contacts, billing information and logistics.

SharePoint training courses overview

These courses will show you the fundamentals of working with and managing SharePoint sites. Students will learn those core skills that are common to all SharePoint operational and development activities. They will be given a comprehensive introduction into how companies can adopt SharePoint within their setup.

There are a variety of different SharePoint training courses for users at different levels. Any of these can be held at specific training centres or on site, and can be tailored to precisely meet the needs of candidates or organisations.

Although no prior experience of SharePoint is required, candidates should be familiar with basic Microsoft Office 2010 functionality.

Despite it being a complicated piece of software, classes are kept straightforward and as simple as possible. Students will follow a structured curriculum and be given study materials that they can refer to after their studies have finished. Modules focus on those areas of SharePoint that affect the day-to-day use of the platform. The general format of training includes having a live Instructor who will teach in a hands on lab through lectures and demonstrations. Syllabuses blend traditional classroom instruction with practical workshops, distance learning and state of the art technology. All Curriculums are taught at convenient locations and to a predictable schedule.
Classes are delivered by experienced tutors who have real life experience of working on a range of SharePoint projects. These Microsoft Certified Professionals teach to the highest standards of
expertise and bring training to life with real-life scenarios and examples.

Typical subjects taught on a Sharepoint course

  • Aggregating Tasks
  • Building Communities
  • Business Intelligence Solutions
  • Content Management
  • Content Types
  • Core SharePoint Concepts
  • Creating Project Sites
  • Customising Pages
  • Debugging
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Diagnostic Checks
  • Document Management Systems
  • Document Versioning
  • Document Approval
  • Enabling Social Interaction
  • Exporting Lists
  • Library Basics
  • List Basics
  • Managing Taxonomy
  • Office Integration
  • Service Application Architecture
  • SharePoint Capabilities
  • SharePoint Developer Landscape
  • SharePoint Servers
  • Search & Navigation
  • Service Applications
  • Service Security
  • Web Content Management
  • Working with SharePoint Objects

You will learn how to

  • Distribute and deploy SharePoint apps.
  • Design the workflow of sites.
  • Use lists and libraries.
  • Develop and implement a governance plan.
  • Perform an upgrade or migration to SharePoint Server 2013.
  • Manage solutions in a SharePoint 2013 deployment.
  • Perform an upgrade or migration to SharePoint Server 2013.
  • Plan and configure social computing features.
  • Create a full list of your customers and suppliers.
  • Forecast system demands and recommend upgrades, expansions and reconfigurations.
  • Design new SharePoint farms and identify supporting services.
  • Work in a cloud based environment.
  • Communicate, share and manage documents, and work together on a project.

You will learn about

  • The design and development of SharePoint solutions.
  • Querying and updating list data.
  • Managing identity and permissions.
  • Developing and deploying features.
  • Working with server-side and client-side object models.
  • Using workflow to manage business processes.
  • Customizing the user interface.
  • Working with Sites and Webs, Execution Contexts, Lists, Libraries, Farm Solutions and Sandboxed Solutions.

A Sharepoint training course is suitable for

  • Anyone who wants certification on Microsoft SharePoint.
  • End-users, super-user, all the way through to administrators.
  • People whose organisation is deploying a new SharePoint solution
  • End-users who are required to use SharePoint as part of their daily work processes.
  • IT Professionals interested in learning how to install, configure, deploy and manage SharePoint Server installations in either a data center or the Cloud.
  • Existing SharePoint 2010 customers and partners who need to understand the major changes in SharePoint 2013
  • Customers who are new to SharePoint.


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