As the job title suggests in this role you will be teaching basic English to students whose first language is foreign. You may be working with adults or children, and in this day and age could find a teaching vacancy and tefl jobs in the United Kingdom rather than abroad. This is because there are many asylum seekers and also refugees who have arrived in this country and who need to be taught to understand, speak, write and read English. Although for these types of student you will have to develop lessons and course based on ESOL.

When you teach English as a foreign language you could be holding a tefl lesson in front of a class of 20 students or you could be teaching pupils individually. As a tutor you will not only be helping your pupils to speak and read, but will give them an understanding of the culture and traditions of England. Tefl jobs differ from those of say a lecturer and other educational roles in that you will be teaching basic English, rather than advanced subjects. You will also have more job opportunities to work and run tefl courses in exotic foreign countries like Dubai, Singapore or China, just to name a few.


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