28 February 2015
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Sales training

Are you looking for training courses or advice that will improve your sales performance? if so then you’ve come to the right place. This page will teach you key skills, give you expert guidance on how enhance and cultivate your marketing abilities and help to put your in good shape for a career in sales.

Not only that, we also have a directory of reputable training providers and programs that can offer you an outstanding learning experience and also teach you sales techniques that will make you the best in your field.

The ability to sell is fundamental to the success of any commercial business, selling it’s products or services can make all the difference to it’s bottom line and profitability. It’s all about getting results, there are no half measures, you either close a sale or you don’t. It’s different than marketing which is more about identifying a customers needs and wants and building a brand.

What sales training courses will teach you
Selling is a skill that can learnt and mastered in the classroom and through experience out there in the field. A professional sales courses will give you the opportunity to learn, think about and discuss the following relevant topics;

Comprehensive product knowledge
Knowledge is power and for salespeople having extensive knowledge about their products or services can lead to more sales. For a sale to take place it is essential that you are able to demonstrate to a customer in detail the benefits of what you are selling. 

Positive mental attitude
Studies have shown time and time again that customers are more likely to buy from those sales staff who display a positive mental attitude. A bright cheerful mental character can help you to quickly form a relationship with your customer and give them a enjoyable buying experience.

Ability to display confidence
By doing this you can show that you have belief in what you are saying and more importantly what you are selling. Demonstrate conviction and passion to a potential client and show them that you have a solution to their problem by displaying a confident manner and positive keywords and phrases. Showing that you are a authority in your field can inspire your customer, boost your credibility and make all the difference.

Listening skills
During a meeting give 100% attention to what your client is saying. Concentrate on what is being said and listen for key information that can help you to identify the real needs of your client. Appear polite and attentive by acknowledging what they are saying, do this by using verbal phrases like ‘that’s interesting’, ‘OK’ etc.
Building strong relationships
Having the ability to nurture and build meaningful relationships is crucial to any sales campaign. Every aspect of your approach from telephone calls, presentation to literature should include a element of relationship building. Everything possible should be done to engage the customer in conversations or actions to bond them to your company and bring them closer to your way of thinking.

Key areas of study will be:

  • Communication skills
  • Proactive body language
  • Closing a sale – pre closing questions
  • Sales presentation
  • Cold calling
  • Handling objections
  • Up selling
  • Sales negotiation
  • Identifying your clients most pressing needs 

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