Maxine Curry
The Big Peg
120 Vyse Street
Birmingham B18 6NF
T: 0044 121 638 0026


Maxine always goes for what’s best and not for what’s easy. She is a strategic thinker who has the ability to make swift decisions and solve problems quickly. You can rely on her to improve your businesses’ market position and achieve financial growth. In her opinion a successful marketing strategy is about communicating the right message the best way. With this philosophy in mind she goes out of her way to research and find those advertising techniques that will really click with a target audience. Right now, she is keen to develop a long-term career in sales and is very excited about the potential of working with an industry’s leading team and a company like yours.



ADVERTISING MANAGER – Start Date – Present
Employers name – Location
Responsible for working with sales staff and others to generate creative ideas for advertising campaigns.


  • Using knowledge of the market and competitors to identify and develop a clients unique selling proposition and differentiators.
  • Negotiating advertising contract specifications and terms with clients or other third parties.
  • Evaluating the look and feel of websites to gauge if they are worth advertising on.
  • Overseeing the accounts of “VIP” and “A” class customers.
  • Writing up accurate reports on revenue figures, marketing activity and sales forecasts.
  • Ensuring that advertising campaigns are current and respond to contemporary events in a timely fashion.
  • Working with external agencies and individuals to support the advertising activities of the company.
  • Conducting marketing surveys on product concepts as well as customer experience.
  • Hiring advertising and marketing staff and then overseeing their daily activities.
  • Carrying out research to find the desired target audience.
  • Selecting advertising agencies to partner with.

JOB TITLE – Start Date – End Date
Employers name – Location



  • Strong writing skills, with the ability to deliver compelling, clean copy against tight deadlines.
  • Experience of selling digital media products such as monthly magazines, weekly digital newsletter and well-visited websites
  • Computer literate with experience of MS Word, Excel and email packages.
  • Have the ability learn and pick things up quickly.
  • Comfortable with cold calling.
  • Able to analyze industry trends to determine the most promising advertising strategies to use.


  • Not afraid to take risks or make difficult decisions.
  • Willing to give new staff an opportunity to prove themselves.
  • A good judge of character.
  • Highly motivated with a strong desire to succeed.



Analysing data
Relationship building
Negotiating deals
Marketing strategies
Media relations
Direct mail
Tracking performance



University name  –  Degree details              Study Dates
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Available on request.



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