Sending in a CV to a vacancy is the traditional way to introduce yourself to prospective employers. It’s the first step towards getting the job of your dreams and your one shot at quickly dazzling a potential employer.

As first impressions count a quality Curriculum Vitae can mean the difference between success or failure, it is therefore imperative that you start your career search on the right foot by having one that immediately demonstrates your suitability for a position. This is where a CV Maker comes in, it is an online tool that helps jobseekers to easily create a professional CV in manageable chunks. As a career resource CV Makers are becoming increasing popular as a way of creating professional documents that jobseekers can use to apply for vacancies.

There are numerous different CV makers out there on the Internet, some good and some bad. Our own one is simple to register with, easy to use and has been designed using our extensive experience of the jobs market. Our website has been around for over 10 years, in which time we have become world leaders in the layout, writing and putting together of interview winnings CVs. We get on average over 1 million unique users coming to our site every month, all of them looking for advice on how to write a CV, Resume or Cover Letter.


Use our CV Maker to

  • Boost your appeal to a prospective employer.
  • Differentiate yourself from the competition.
  • Show how you can benefit an employer.


Main stages of CV making

Stage 1 – Identify the job you want
It’s vital that you have a target to aim your CV at. Having a job title to focus your efforts on means that you can research and find out exactly what skills, abilities and experiences are required to successfully carry out your duties. The first step towards making a bespoke CV is knowing exactly what role you are applying for.


Stage 2 – Read the job advert
Job advertisements are typically written in three parts, they have an introduction, then a description of the role itself and finally a list of the experiences, skills and qualifications required from applicants. Reading the job advert carefully can greatly increase your chances of success, primarily because it will allow you to determine exactly what to include in your CV. From a job description you will be able to identify:

  • What the employer wants in a candidate.
  • Which skills the employer has prioritized.
  • Phases and keywords to include in your CV.

Once you have analysed all of the above information you will then be able to work backwards and compare those requirements with your own competencies. Remember that a good CV should be focused on the specific position you are applying for and on the company that you are applying to. Employers can quickly spot a document that has been especially written for them, and will greatly appreciate the time you have taken to put it together.


Stage 3 – Make a list of your matching skills
Before you start using a CV Maker you need to identify all of the relevant skills that you can include in it. Do this by;

  • Making a list of all your previous jobs.
  • Put together a list of all the tasks and duties you carried out during the course of your work. Focus on your most sought-after skills, abilities, accomplishments, attributes and qualifications.
  • From what you have compiled create a master list of those skills that are most relevant to the position you are applying for.
  • Try to back up your claims with facts, figures and dates.

Remember that virtually any work related tasks or duties you may have performed during your career will have developed your skills base. This means that if you think hard enough you will almost certainly be able to come up with a list of strong transferable skills.


Stage 4- Use the CV Maker to put together a CV
This is the most important part of making a winning CV, if done properly you will take your job hunting to the next level and show employers that you are fully qualified for their position. Use the CV Maker to write short, snappy paragraphs that summarize who you are and what you do best. Make what you write down readable, show what you can bring to the table and remember to be truthful about your background and abilities.


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