Adaptable to change and never getting too attached to doing things a certain way.

Can quickly familiarise myself with new ways or working.

Open to changing arrangements at short notice.

Prioritising important tasks and making sure they are done first.

Willing to learn from mistakes or criticism and then change behaviour accordingly.



A good listener and talker who can hold a conversation with complete strangers.

Able to make others relaxed and comfortable in my presence.

Assertive in interpersonal work related relationships.

Clearly explaining complex concepts in a clear manner.

Diffusing difficult or emotionally charged situations.

Forming strong trusting relationship’s with work colleagues.

Have the ability to understand as well as be understood.

Making people feel that their views are being listened to and valued.

Patient by nature and able to deal with difficult or obnoxious customers.


Emotionally strong

Able to manage the daily stresses and strains of a busy environment.

Emotionally resilient and able to deal with upsetting and stressful situations.

Never backing down from a challenge.

Never getting flustered or rattled when the pressure is on.

Not afraid to stand up to wrong doing.



Able to take constructive criticism from others.

Applying common sense to situations.

Can handle criticism, put-downs, arrogance, persistence or patronising behaviours.

Knowing when to act as a friend and when to act as a work colleague or leader.

Not blaming others when I make a mistake.

Showing maturity in outlook, attitude and appearance.

Trustworthy and able to work in highly confidential environments.


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