Working and having a job as a healthcare professional

The healthcare profession is a very wide field that covers many different sectors. Healthcare professionals can work in a wide variety of surroundings, ranging from hospitals to GP clinics to primary care centres. As you can imagine in this field of work you will involve you in spending a lot of time with patients who require medical care and treatment. Examples of workers with health care include doctors and nurses as well as dentists just to name a few.

Starting a career in the medical profession can be very rewarding and challenging, as you will be looking after people will illnesses and helping to treat them. You will need to have good personal skills as well a good educational background for instance is you want to become a nurse you will need to have a nursing diploma. You must have the ability to listen to patients under your care as well as good technical expertise and knowledge to operate medical equipment.

You could work for one of the many health care providers, for instance as a therapist or support staff, or be employed as a technician in a medical laboratory. Midwifes, speech therapists and admin staff in a nursing home for the elderly are just two more examples of the kinds of public sector jobs that are available to you in the healthcare profession. Your work could mean you are employed in the preventative medicine field, this will mean you could be working with scientists in researching to find vaccines for diseases.
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