Maxine Curry
Dayjob Limited
The Big Peg
120 Vyse Street
Birmingham B18 6NF
T: 0044 121 638 0026


Maxine has unquestioning loyalty and dedication to her clients, work colleagues and employer. She has the project management skills along with the in-depth, hands-on technical expertise needed to bring IT projects to life. As a true leader she can successfully lead projects to closure with minimum direction, guidance and oversight. Her key strengths include; delivering quantifiable business results, developing IT solutions to meet customer needs and building effective cross-functional teams. In her current role she partners with IT delivery teams to ensure the successful implementation of large projects and programs. Right now she would like to join a company that has a workplace where every ones voice can be heard.


IT Program Manager – Start Date – Present
Employers name – Location
Responsible for directing the day to day work of project developers, researchers and designers.


  • Presenting products and ideas in a business-like manner.
  • Managing staff performance, reward and recognition.
  • Assigns individual responsibilities to specific individuals.
  • Providing reliable financial forecasts to senior management and stakeholders.
  • Adjusting program plans to meet the changing needs of customers.
  • Predicting any emerging or future customer needs and planning for then accordingly.
  • Chairing steering committee meetings.
  • Explaining responsibilities and accountabilities to team members.
  • Conducting program front-end analysis.
  • Maintaining accurate documentation for all program activities.
  • Writing reports to senior managers on program performance.
  • Managing overall program costs and budgets.
  • Giving senior managers timely updates on operational program issues.
  • Coordinating all the efforts associated with the program.

JOB TITLE – Start Date – End Date
Employers name – Location

JOB TITLE – Start Date – End Date
Employers name – Location


IT Program Management

  • Staying abreast of advances in technology.
  • Developing business relationships.
  • Ability to facilitate both business and technical discussions.
  • Strong critical thinking and problem solving skills.
  • Can work independently as well as in a team environment.
  • Managing project resources.
  • Identifying highly capable and ambitious program employees and helping them move forward in their careers.
  • Streamlining processes and procedures to make them more efficient.
  • Good at navigating ‘political waters’.
  • Anticipating issues and planning for them before they become major problems.


  • Always doing the right thing in the proper way, even if it means extra expense or effort.
  • Excellent leadership, interpersonal and collaborative skill.


Resolving ambiguity
IT business applications
Software releases
User training
Managing project teams
Web application technologies


University name  –  Degree details               Study Dates
College name      –  Qualifications                Study Dates
School name       –  Subjects / Grades          Study Dates


Available on request.



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