Good architects with the right skills will always be in demand. With a growing number of traditional bricks and mortar universities now offering accredited online architecture degree courses, there has never been a better time to get a good affordable online education in this field. All of this has been made possible by the recent advances in web based technology, which have made it much easier for the visual and computer based components of architecture to be learnt over the Internet.

Enrolling on this course can be your first step towards qualifying as an architect. Be-warned though that this is a complex, demanding and detailed subject to master. Although learning from home may sound easy, it should be noted that web based learning is not for everyone. It requires you to spend most of your time studying alone, this in itself demands considerable self discipline, focus and determination. It’s therefore essential that you take everything in to account, and make sure you’re up to it, before committing yourself to any program.

Overview of an online architecture degree

Internet learning is an ideal way for people to receive an affordable, high quality education. It’s becoming more popular for two main reasons, firstly because advances in technology have made it much easier for people to study around their lifestyles, and secondly because the financial cost has come down, meaning that many courses can cost significantly less than similar campus based programs.

These days students can easily communicate with helpful and approachable lecturers through email, phone or webcam. They can interact with fellow students and class tutors 24/7, and can take ‘classes’ whenever their schedule allows. Feedback is given in real time and video lectures, research assignments and other online material can all be viewed and re-visited endlessly.

Students are taught under the direct supervision of experienced tutors, who have knowledge of both the theory and practical side of this subject. They will get well rounded guidance and instructions from teaching professionals who have hands on industry experience.


Typical modules and subjects that can be taught on an online architecture degree

  • Architectural Design
  • Architecture Project Report
  • Architectural Technology
  • Architectural Engineering
  • Building Materials
  • Computers in Architecture
  • Civil Engineering
  • Construction and Management
  • Construction Procedures
  • Design Theory and Principles
  • Environmental Design and Services
  • Interior Architecture
  • Interior Design
  • Integrated Building Systems
  • Principles and Theories of Architecture
  • Planning
  • Professional Principles
  • Structural Engineering
  • Sustainable Environmental Architectural Design
  • Tectonic Principles
  • Urban Design
  • Urban Conservation


Students will learn how to

  • Create space
  • Create large structures
  • Design Buildings
  • Estimate costs
  • Converse in a professional way with builders, engineers and planners.
  • Find more effective and better ways to construct buildings.
  • Meet with clients
  • Work independently.
  • Make presentations to clients
  • Develop their own architectural style.
  • Work in design studios with CAD facilities and drawing boards.
  • Use digital technologies in design.
  • Take into account the immediate and wider implications of your architectural design decisions.


Students will learn about

  • The practice of architecture.
  • The process of making and designing physical and visual changes to structures and buildings.
  • History of buildings.
  • Designing buildings that use light naturally and conserve energy.
  • The theoretical and practical sides of architecture.
  • Drawing
  • Modelling
  • The art and science of architecture.
  • Three-dimensional design.
  • Manual and computer-aided drawing and model-making.
  • Carrying out library-based research.
  • Hands-on construction.
  • How buildings are made.
  • Renewable material and technologies in architecture.


Choosing an online architecture degree
When deciding on which course to enrol, always look for curriculums that can help you to achieve your career goals. Also make sure that the university has a good track record of running web based, accredited  programs, whose degrees are accepted by employers regionally and nationally.


Potential career roles for graduates


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