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A highly motivated, process-driven, and detail-oriented Product Manager who can translate market and stakeholder needs into product requirements and definitions. Maxine is a customer-centric and tech-savvy individual who has a proven track record of understanding, improving, and managing a product so that it best meets the needs of its user. She is a commercially aware and highly successful leader who can improve efficiency and maximize profits whilst minimizing costs. You can rely on her to work out what customers want, help the business to build the right product, and then support the company in selling it. Has extensive experience of managing a product throughout its lifecycle.

She will always be an advocate of the customer during a products specification and development stages, a skill that allows her to translate business strategy into product strategy. Furthermore, is an expert at not only planning and carrying out successful product launches but also at pushing action throughout an organization to get products to market.

In her current position she plays a key role in the constant evolution and maintenance of her employer’s product portfolio. At work she is involved in leading and managing the bespoke strategy, planning, delivery, marketing, and in-life optimization of a product during its life cycle.

Through her career she has learnt how to serve as the internal and external evangelist for her products. Very good at exploring and developing product ideas, as well as putting together a commercial product that users will love and value. Has excellent time management and organisational skills, along with good attention to detail and the ability to work to tight deadlines.

Aside from her managerial competencies, she is a real professional who is committed to continually developing and honing her own skill sets. Additionally, an accomplished communicator, who can facilitate knowledge exchange between different functional teams. On a personal level she has the ability to rapidly establish trust through authentic communication and as a great team player.

Right now, she is looking for a suitable Product Manager position with a company whose greatest strength are its people who are professional and driven yet grounded and fun to work with.



PRODUCT MANAGER – Start Date – Present
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Responsible for leading product teams by coordinating their activities, and assigning tasks to team members, ensuring adherence to project schedules and milestones.


  • Increasing the profitability of existing products and developing new products for the company.
  • Building, refining, and executing compelling multi-year product roadmaps.
  • Leading the business management of a product and its commercial success.
  • Collaborating with stakeholders to define project scope and objectives.
  • Working with marketing, communications, and sales personnel to define the products go-to-market strategy.
  • Managing the entire product development life cycle from ideation to launch.
  • Dealing with both internal and external queries relating to the product proposition.
  • Acting as a conduit between users and the product team.
  • Writing up and then presenting to senior manager reports on findings, defects, product improvements, statuses, and risk management.
  • Ensuring the product supports the company’s long term strategy and goals.
  • Communicating with all areas of the company on a daily basis.
  • Analysing and identifying potential partner relationships for the product.
  • Undertaking gap analyses evaluations to determine what product features are adding the most value.
  • Implementing marketing activities through research and strategic planning.
  • Helping colleagues to understand the products positioning, key benefits, and target customer base.
  • Developing the unique core positioning and messaging for the product.
  • Working as part of a group with teammates from various background and level of seniority, who are geographically distributed.
  • Liaising with users to understand their needs and desires.
  • Managing the company’s social media channels to drive engagement and build positive product awareness.
  • Spotting gaps and opportunities in the market and proposing ways of meeting them.
  • Identifying strategic objectives and developing new approaches to meeting them.
  • Attending conferences and events related to the product and its sector.
  • Participating in daily scrum meetings, planning, reviews and retrospectives.
  • Carrying out quantitative and quantitative market research activities to come up with new product development ideas.
  • Facilitating effective communication among team members & stakeholders.
  • Identifying project risks and developing strategies to minimize them.
  • Supporting the development team with any questions they may have.

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  • Able to take a range of ideas, thoughts and information and proactively turn them into a product project and plans.
  • Extensive strong experience in a dynamic product management role.
  • Can organise and prioritise workloads within a competitive setting.
  • Developing comprehensive project plans, timelines, and action plans.
  • Having a sense of urgency about important tasks.
  • Can quickly understand the needs of a target audience.
  • In depth understanding of Google Analytics and experience of producing statistical and measurement reports.
  • Able to work effectively with cross-functional teams from other departments.
  • Constantly reviewing own standards of practice to find weaknesses.
  • Previous experience in software and web development.
  • Communicating effectively across the wider organisation and with different audiences.
  • Building on product concept and briefing relevant parties on build requirements.
  • Prepared to undergo additional training to remain fully qualified.
  • Producing work of a high standard that rarely requires correction.
  • Ability to structure complex information, plan, prioritize, delegate tasks and focus on deliverables in a busy environment.
  • Excellent MS office tools skills, in particular PowerPoint & Excel.
  • Unique ability to get everyone in a company pushing in the same direction.
  • Handling sensitive and complex issues in a professional & objective manner.


  • Motivated to make a difference through my work.
  • Can build a culture of authenticity and honesty with all stakeholders.
  • Well presented, tactful, friendly polite and having a professional manner.
  • Can function in a fast-paced environment that has constant interruptions.
  • Able to accept constructive criticism and learn from it.
  • Strong influencing, communication, presentation, and negotiation skills.
  • Able to diplomatically handle unreasonable expectations.



Product management
Product definition
Customer journey
Product exploring
User experience
Research & development
Product lifecycle
Budget control
Product ideation
Project management
Agile methodologies
API Integrations
Product Roadmap
Stakeholder Management
Decision making
Client Management
Improving inefficiencies



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