On this page you will find a bank of professionally developed Restaurant Assistant Manager resume templates. These examples will give you an idea of how to create eye catching documents that will increase you chances of getting invited to those all important interviews.

The main role of a Restaurant Assistant Manager is to ensure that the business is profitable and that the establishment runs at maximum performance. The job covers a wide range of responsibilities, meaning that assistant managers must be multi-skilled. Here are some tips on writing a resume;


How to write a Restaurant Assistant Manager resume

In your resume show that you can:

  • Delegate tasks effectively.
  • Coordinate the activities of the catering and kitchen staff.
  • Handle pressure in a fast paced commercial operation.
  • Keep customers happy.
  • Market the restaurant through publicity.
  • Manage a group of diverse staff who have different abilities.
  • Schedule staff working hours and times.


Demonstrate that you have

  • Comprehensive knowledge of relevant Health & Safety rules and regulations.
  • Good communication skills and can build relationships with customers.
  • Extensive knowledge of food, wine and beverages, etc.


Show knowledge of

  • Customer service
  • Event management
  • Hospitality
  • Operational management
  • Ordering supplies
  • Planning ahead
  • Running promotional campaigns
  • Staff recruitment


Show that you are

  • Commercially minded.
  • Financially aware.
  • Willing to work long hours to cover evenings, weekends and holiday periods.


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