Maxine Curry
Dayjob Limited
The Big Peg
120 Vyse Street
Birmingham B18 6NF
T: 0044 121 638 0026


Maxine has the right combination of technical knowledge and marketing skills needed to grow sales from existing and new customers. She has a successful background in selling engineering products to businesses and extensive experience within a B2B marketing sales support role. As someone who loves to learn, she goes out of her way to maintain an in-depth knowledge of her company’s products and technologies. In her current role she plays a key role in the sales process and is widely respected by colleagues for her broad understanding of sales techniques, industry best practices and technology integration. Right now she is looking for an exciting opportunity to join a well-established and rapidly evolving company that has big plans for the future.


SALES ENGINEER – Start Date – Present
Employers name – Location
Responsible for being involved in and contributing to multiple sales campaigns at various stages of fruition.


  • Resolving all technical issues arising from a sale.
  • Finding customers who would benefit from the company’s products.
  • Conveying the customer’s exact requirements to a Product Management Team.
  • Negotiating with potential customers.
  • Being involved in any sales activity right from the beginning.
  • Travelling long distances nationally and internationally to meet prospective customers.
  • Giving customers advice and support on a wide range of the company’s products.
  • Handling all pre-sales customer support issues.
  • Putting together customised presentations.
  • Communicating with sales representative and sales management on a daily basis.
  • Entering customer details onto electronic databases.
  • Giving clear direction to junior staff members.
  • Ensuring that any order processing is followed through to a timely conclusion.

JOB TITLE – Start Date – End Date
Employers name – Location

JOB TITLE – Start Date – End Date
Employers name – Location



  • Commercially aware and experienced in the art of doing international business.
  • Presenting papers at industry wide events.
  • Connecting easily with people she has just met.
  • Can fit in quickly with any existing team.
  • Knowledge of
  • Excellent problem solving skills.
  • Experience of selling face to face and over the phone.
  • An excellent problem solver.
  • Possessing a strong technical background.


  • Naturally strong desire to get results.
  • Calmly dealing with unusual occurrences and emergency situations.


Call planning
Partnership building
Re-seller training


University name  –  Degree details               Study Dates
College name      –  Qualifications                Study Dates
School name       –  Subjects / Grades          Study Dates


Available on request.



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