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Maxine can be the bridge between a business’s problems and its technological solutions. She has a record of using the power of technology to deliver mission critical IT services that drive operational impact. Is an expert in the design, development, and implementation of robust digital solutions. Has extensive knowledge of coding languages such as Java, JavaScript, PHP, and Python. In her current role, she works within a large company and alongside other professionals to bring their plans to life. She is involved in designing solutions that meet complex requirements and balance competing priorities to make a meaningful contribution to the company’s digital transformation. Has a reputation with colleagues for clearly outlining each of the phases and requirements required to make a solution work. On a personal level she is able to build “trusted advisor” relationships with customers. A superb communicator who has a successful track record of presenting to senior audiences in large organisations. Right now, she is keen to join a company where everyone is passionate about what they do, and they pride themselves as being friendly and approachable.



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Responsible for aligning the company’s goals and needs with its IT services, products, software, and infrastructure.


  • Finding the best tech solution to solve existing business problems.
  • Managing key stakeholder expectations including CxOs.
  • Working with internal stakeholders and customers in order to design, cost, and document the solution to be offered.
  • Providing coaching, mentoring, and training to less experienced Solution Architects as required.
  • Developing client facing artefacts and proposals.
  • Producing durable, flexible, and extensible architectural designs.
  • Organising brainstorming sessions to develop potential solutions for business needs or problems.
  • Coming up with recommendations and roadmaps for proposed solutions.
  • Ensuring a structured and logical approach to business application solutions.
  • Assessing the strengths, weaknesses and costs of different options.
  • Troubleshooting issues using logs analysis, API’s and reviewing code.
  • Notifying stakeholders about any issues connected to the architecture.
  • Using modelling, decision making and validation techniques to design a system.
  • Sitting in technical meetings with clients and key stakeholders.
  • Implementing Microsoft 365 deployments such as identity, end-user devices, and compliance.
  • Making sure that new solutions work with other systems and existing platforms.
  • Investigate information systems that might benefit the company.
  • Building and integrating complex information systems to meet the company’s needs.
  • Developing budgets for producing a specific software products.

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  • Experience of operating at all levels of an organisation.
  • Solid understanding of digital technologies, platforms, and trends.
  • In-depth understanding of coding languages.
  • Excellent oral and written communication.
  • Analytical and problem solving skills.
  • Possess solid expertise in software engineering and architecture design.
  • Knowledge of using EA frameworks and methods e.g. TOGAF, MODAF.
  • Can work effectively with remote and virtual teams.
  • Willing to work towards Cloud certifications if required by the role.


  • Ability to work under pressure from both customers and internal stakeholders.
  • A passion for continued personal/professional development.



Project management
Risk identification
IT infrastructure
Cloud development
Business analysis
Software architecture



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Available on request.



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