A trichologist is a healthcare worker who treats hair disorders and scalp disorders

Trichologist are people who treat hair and scalp disorders, they commonly deal with hair loss and scalp treatment. They like to be known as health care workers. You will be required to use materials such as, special lotions and ointments, electrical and hair treatments, as well as being able to give massages. Trichologist usually gains their skills and expertise through education and then practise and experience. Patients would come to them either through their own enquiry trichologist. You should note that in the United Kingdom being seen by a trichology is not available through the NHS. Trichologist’s are also known as hair scientists or hair doctors, for obvious reasons.

A major part of their work involves assessing a patient and preventing any further hair loss and thinning and then attempting to stimulate hair growth. Their work means that must have good knowledge of the latest hair products on the market. Carry out a hair transplant is a very god source of revenue for the trichology industry. Well known trichologists include people like Philip Kingsley, who are experts in hair restoration.

Training and qualification required
Fundamentally educational qualifications are necessary, there are a number of ways to obtain the necessary qualifications. The required theoretical instructions is obtainable at technical colleges or by distance learning correspondence training or by study classes. Once you have the basic qualifications then it is important to have some practical experience of working in a recognised clinic. For further information contact the Institute of Trichologist [details below].

Qualities needed
Practising trichologist’s must have knowledge of nutrition as well as an understanding of basic biological principles. They should also have an understanding of high standards regarding personal hygiene.

The amount of salary you get is dependant on the number of patients you have, hours that you work and the fees charged. The more you put into your work the more you will earn, promotion of the your business is essential to running a successful trichologist clinic.

Institute of Trichologist
Telephone: 08706070602
Webpage: www.trichologists.org.uk

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