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28th January 2024


Dear …………,

Your advertisement on the website for a Mortgage Broker caught my eye, as I appear to be a perfect match for it.

I get great satisfaction out of helping people to buy a house.

For my clients I make getting a mortgage easy, by taking all of the searching, chasing and application submitting off their hands. I give them professional, honest, and friendly mortgage advice. I ensure clients have a clear understanding of the different products being offered by mortgage lenders. Furthermore, after sourcing the best options from the whole of market, I then clearly explain to them why I think a particular product is appropriate.

I come to you as someone who can put people at easy by quickly, clearly, and professionally answering any questions they have about their mortgage. Additionally, I’m from an academic background and know how to keep up to date with financial products and services out there. I would also like to mention my track record of complying at all times with the compliance, training and competence procedures of my employers.

I am no stranger to facts or figures and can handle numbers when reviewing financial statements. I also have excellent persuasion and influencing skills, which allow me to secure advantageous mortgage deals.

At the moment I am employed by ……………… where I advise purchasers on managing all aspects of buying a new house. As part of my duties, I form close relationships with clients and keep in regular contact with them. I have been commended by my senior managers for making the entire buying process painless by taking all the work off their hands. Additionally, I have been patted on the back for proactively adhering to all internal and external SLA’s.

Through my career I have worked closely with mortgage brokers, estate agents, banks, building societies and lenders. I can proudly state that I have made an extraordinary leap towards financial success and independence though a successful career.

On a personal level I am very ambitious and aim to be the very best mortgage broker in my firm by offering an unrivalled level of service to customers. I am personally passionate about getting the most suitable deal and supporting buyers right up until the day their mortgage completes. Furthermore, I consider myself a master communicator who is confident when dealing with businesses, responding to customer emails, and dealing with difficult situations.

Greater details of my accomplishments and achievements can be found in the resume that came attached with this letter. Should you wish to interview me, I can be available within just a few days, and I can provide references at the time of interview should they be required. I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,


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Tel: 0044 123 456 7890



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