HR is a vital function in any organisation, and is essentially for the efficient and smooth running of a business.

This web based course is suitable for anyone who wants to cultivate the required skills and knowledge in order to launch a new career or progress an existing one in the field of human resource management. It is an innovative degree that has a contemporary approach to managerial disciplines. It will enhance your abilities and fully prepare you for managing a culturally diverse workforce in an ever-changing business environment. As a graduate you will be completely equipped with the skills to not only apply for specialist HR management positions, but also jobs in many other unrelated fields.

The curriculum has been designed to teach you those essential human resource skills that are valued by employers. As a flexible course that is constantly changing to meet the needs of employers, it has a core of compulsory modules, and a set of others that students can choose themselves. These modules will be taught online to both individual or groups of students through a combination of seminars, lectures, tutorials, and project work.

Online human resources degree overview

As an online program it has been developed with the needs of working professionals in mind. In practical terms this means that students can study at any time of the day or night, essentially at times that best fit their schedule.

Another advantage of online training is that you will study with a peer group of like-minded individuals, most of whom will be at a similar stage in their career development as you. Many will have the same interest and ambitions as you, meaning that via the Internet you will be able to debate relevant topics and carry out strategic case analyses with people who are in a sense your contemporaries.

As a graduate, you will leave well prepared to enter the workplace and make a positive impact on future employers and their bottom line. You will gain a good understanding of the relevant labour markets, as well as an organisation’s wider economic and social ambitions.

Typical modules and subjects that can be taught on an online human resources degree

  • Business Administration
  • Career Progression
  • Contract Law
  • Diversity in the Workplace
  • Employment Relations and Reward Management
  • Employment Law
  • Employee Ownership and Participation
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Introduction to Human Resource Management
  • Introduction to Advertising
  • Learning and development
  • Multiculturalism
  • Organized Labor
  • Organisational Psychology
  • People Resourcing and Development
  • People in Organisations
  • Personal and Organisational Development
  • Performance Management
  • Sociology
  • Staff recruitment
  • Work and Organisational Behaviour

Students will learn how to

  • Work with the latest specialist HR software.
  • Ensure that both the employers and staff both fulfil their obligations to each other.
  • Look after the individual needs of staff.
  • Match the skills of people to the needs of a business.
  • Be the link between the employer and unions.
  • Make sure that workers are fairly treated
  • promote equal opportunities and health and safety
  • Develop techniques for personal effectiveness.
  • Create and maintain a motivated workforce.
  • Enhance individual and team performance.
  • Organisation are structured to be efficient.
  • Write job adverts and place them in relevant publications.
  • Deal with grievances and disciplinary procedures
  • Interpret company employment policies and current legislation.
  • Design bespoke training programmes.

Students will learn about

  • The relationship between employees and employers.
  • The current issues in human resource management.
  • How people work.
  • Staff recruitment.
  • Staff counselling
  • Employee record keeping.
  • Staff training and development.
  • Redundancy issues.

Career prospects and roles for human resources graduates
This degree award can lead to excellent HR positions, that command good salaries, in areas such as; staff development, policy making, training, recruitment and selection. You will become qualified for job roles such as:

  • Employment Support Worker
  • Employee relations officer
  • Human Resource Assistant
  • HR Consultant,
  • Training Manager

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