Physiotherapists are healthcare professionals who help patients through physiotherapy gain mobility after accidents or Illnesses

Some one who works in physiotherapy is a health care worker whose job will involve them in looking after individual’s who have injuries after say being involved in a car accident. They will help people with injuries to regain movement of their limbs and body. They are also known as physiotherapist’s, and generally work in hospitals and medical departments of clinics, although if you were a community physiotherapist you would be visiting community centres and also the homes of patients to give advice etc.

Job description
A chartered physiotherapist will administer treatment and a fitness regime and training to their patients, who will be from all ages and social backgrounds. It is a physically demanding job as you will be helping lift and assist and hold patients, and show them exercise regimes. For instance someone may be recovering form a broken leg and will be using crutches, you will have to physically help them get up and move them around.

You will be looking after the well being of patients with neuromuscular, cardiovascular and respiratory systems physical problems.

You will be assessing patients to find out how much movement they currently have and to them develop a regime to help them gain full mobility and become physically fit again. You must have good verbal skills as it is important as you will have to try to motivate people to exercise. For complex cases you will have to work closely with consultants and other healthcare workers to make sure the patients gets the best care.

Patient’s will be referred to a physiotherapy clinic by a GP after say they have had a long illness or they may admit themselves to your physiotherapy clinic. You will work with patients who have had strokes or accidents at work, or individuals who have had sports injuries. One of your main tasks would be giving advice and promoting a healthy lifestyle and fitness.

You will have to be good at keeping case records and administration work to keep your patients records up to date. Although you may have a assistant physiotherapist to help you in your office. The working hours of a Physiotherapist are typically between 8am till 5pm, Mondays to Friday. Although in emergencies you may be asked to work evenings or weekends.

Different types of physiotherapist jobs
As it is such a broad area in the public sector there are different fields that you can specialise in, like pediatrics or focusing on orthopaedic patients. Geriatric physical therapy means you will be looking after elderly patients who are suffering from old age related physical problems, like balance disorders etc. Orthopaedic Physiotherapy requires you to restore movement and functions of patients who have problems with their bones such as fractures or slipped discs.

Qualifications and training
Before you can apply for any physiotherapy jobs you must first obtain a degree in physiotherapy at a university that has been approved by the HPC. You can find work in the health service or with private practitioners

A junior physiotherapist who has just qualified and who has just started work in the health service can expect to earn a salary in the region of £17,000, although with experience that can rise to £26,000.

Further information:

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy
14 Bedford Row
Telephone: 020 7306 6666

Relevant degrees
Physiotherapy degree courses

Personal statements
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