Maxine Curry
Dayjob Limited
The Big Peg
120 Vyse Street
Birmingham B18 6NF
T: 0044 121 638 0026


A caring and compassionate Preschool Teacher who has a passion for working with the early childhood age group. Maxine imaginatively uses resources to help youngsters learn and is an expert at teaching through play and hands-on activities. She has the ability to provide a fun atmosphere that supports the education and safety of children, and always teaches in a manner that is relevant to their respective age, developmental and social levels. In her present school she is responsible for effectively planning, organising and implementing educational activities that support Kindergarten readiness for 4 and 5 year-old children. Right now she is looking for a suitable position with a school that pays attention to and acts on the wants and needs of its teaching staff.


Preschool Teacher – Start Date – Present
Employers name – Location
Responsible for providing a safe and developmentally appropriate preschool program for children.


  • Teaching very young children.
  • Ensuring that children are only involved in safe and appropriate activities.
  • Cleaning up the classroom after a lesson.
  • Incorporating school goals into daily activities.
  • Making decisions on behalf of very young children.
  • Maintaining order and discipline in the classroom.
  • Participating in all school events.
  • Giving children nutritional snacks and meals at lunch time.
  • Lifting and carrying children around.
  • Encouraging parent participation in their child’s education.
  • Conducting monthly parent classroom meetings.
  • Displaying children’s work on a board in the classroom.
  • Talking to children on a one to one basis and explaining things to them.

JOB TITLE – Start Date – End Date
Employers name – Location

JOB TITLE – Start Date – End Date
Employers name – Location



  • Ensuring that children are supervised at all times.
  • Familiar with all the schools emergency procedures.
  • Using appropriate language both in and out of the classroom.
  • Able to engage with and inspire very young children.
  • Completing teaching assignments in the allotted time.
  • Identifying children who have emotional or behavioural problems.
  • Excellent supervisory skills.
  • Able to operate in a fast paced and hectic environment.


  • Understanding and caring by nature.
  • Alert to the needs of others.
  • Punctual and always on time.


Child artwork
Staff meetings
Parent meetings
Child development


University name  –  Degree details               Study Dates
College name      –  Qualifications                Study Dates
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Available on request.



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